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Devina Jasmine Deo

On many occasions, rumors, ignorance or an equivocal perception of aspects related to digital and social media marketing mean that false beliefs end up becoming myths that have nothing to do with reality. If you still believe that the online medium is a fad or that the turn of your company does not require an Internet presence, Devina Jasmine Deo shares the following myths of 2020 so you do not fall into that error.

Myths about Digital Marketing: My Target is not in Social Networks

Contrary to what happens in reality, sometimes, due to simple assumptions, we assume that our clients are not interested in social networks and therefore do not use them. To be sure of this, we must first define the digital profile of the public to whom our products or services are directed.

Solving these questions is essential when designing digital marketing campaigns to reach the right people, through the right channels. 

Myths about Digital Marketing: Email Marketing is Useless

E-mail marketing, in general, has not had a good reputation, however, it is the digital marketing strategy that can provide us with the most return on investment, thanks to the fact that companies have learned to do more friendly marketing for their clients and prospects.

The key to e-mail marketing is to create a call to action, from the subject of the e-mail, that is irresistible, to ensure that it is open and read by a large number of customers. It will also be essential that the mail is accompanied by art with a striking and well thought out design.

According to Devina Jasmine Deo, e-mail marketing can help to have a much closer relationship with our customers and thus increase sales considerably.

Devina Jasmine Deo

Myths about Migital Marketing: A  Website is Enough

Generally, the actions we design as part of our digital marketing strategy are linked to our brand’s website. This forces us to create it and think of it as a marketing tool, rather than as a simple informative instrument.

However, making a site doesn’t just mean having a beautiful design. It is important to carry out strategic planning, add functionality and usability, analyze the distribution of content, insert codes for SEO, and make an appropriate selection of the language to use.

All these elements are what will help us to contact the public and know our brand. The competition on the internet is very strong, so our strategy must be strong and very complete.

The information we publish should be relevant to users, answer questions and add value to their searches. Otherwise, our potential customers will not have the opportunity to find us and as a result, our website will not be a valuable tool, which really helps to grow our brand.

Myths about Digital Marketing: Bringing Social Networks is Easy

Creating content, managing, generating interactions, paying attention to fans, and posting on each of a brand’s social networks, takes time. Social media experts have the ability and experience to take responsibility for a brand and charge for it. In many cases, the tools that platforms offer at no cost to monitor and obtain statistics are not enough because they do not give all the information that is required to prepare an analysis of the data thrown.

Devina Jasmine Deo

Myths about Digital Marketing: Social Networks Can Replace the Website

A site contributes to give an image to companies and can be a way to inform about the products or services that our brand offers. Also, through it, we can publicize our philosophy, points of sale, competitive advantages, etc.

Social networks in 2020 work as a compliment since they have very different characteristics: thanks to the fact that Devina Jasmine Deo can segment them in a very specific way since communication through it allows us to interact with users, we can achieve an important engagement with our users.

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