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Blogging is one of the most common earning sources these days. There are millions of bloggers all over the world. Out of these million bloggers, some bloggers are ranked on the top due to their efforts and works. Through this article, we will tell you about the top-ranked tech bloggers of India. If you are passionate to know about them, then have a look down below:

  1. AMIT AGARWAL: Amit Agarwal is one of the top-ranked bloggers in the field of tech. He holds a professional computer engineering degree. He worked for many companies but now is running his own tech blogs India and is considered to be the first Indian Professional blogger. He made so many efforts to make his blog the best. He is a famous man who is behind the famous website known as Digital Inspiration. The URL for his blog is Hence, his monthly earning is around 60,000 per month.

Go and refer to his blog, if it is satisfying your needs.

  1. HARSH AGARWAL: Harsh Agarwal is the other top-ranked person for his tech blog. He is known for his online blogging and runs a top tech blogs in India known as Shout Me Loud. In this blog, he shares all his thoughts regarding tech and its aspects, events, etc. Harsh Agarwal started his journey in 2008 and today his blog has become the best blog of India. Therefore, the main topics covered by his blog are blogging, earning money from blogs/websites, Word Press, starting and managing blogs.

According to a survey his monthly salary is calculated around 52,000. So, if you want to know about blogging or things related to it, then go and refer to his blog.

  1. RAJESH NAMSE: Rajesh Namse is a well-known blogger and is running a best tech blogs in India known as Tech Lila. This was a blog that was found in 2012 by Rajesh Namse and it deals with all the tips and tricks of tech. Rajesh Namse is a passionate blogger who provides information about the different types of things such as How-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights. So, if you are a person who wants to know about the tips and tricks of tech, then go and check his blog.

There is a blog named Future with Tech. This is a blog that gives information about all the different types of things related to tech. If you are a tech lover and want to know about different types of things then go and refer to this site.

  1. ASHISH SINHA: Ashish Sinha is again referred to as the best blogger of India. Therefore, the name of his blog is Next Big What. He is having varied experience in blogging and helps people to know his thoughts about tech. hence, the topics covered are tips, tricks, hacks, updates and many more. Go and refer to his page to know his thoughts about tech.
  2. IMRAN UDDIN: Imran Uddin is the founder of best technology blogs India “All Tech Buzz”. This is considered to be one of the best tech blog India. He helps people to understand about things related to tech. All the information provided by him is provided in simple and easy language. The topics covered in the blog are Web Development, Blogging and SEO related things. Hence, his estimated monthly salary is around 50,000 to 60,000.

These above-mentioned are the top-ranked bloggers of tech in India. If you know another Indian blogger who is known for his blog, then let us know in the comment section below.

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