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Angular.JS development

Angular.JS is one of the most preferred choices of the developers, as it excludes the most time-consuming process coding from the development process and delivers apps based on lighter and faster attributes. 

This framework has become the most popular open-source front end JavaScript framework. However, there are several other features that simplify the development process and attract worldwide developers towards it.

In this blog, will mention the top reasons that attract developers to Angular.JS:

Have a Quick Glance on Angular.JS 

  • Angular.JS is an open-source and JavaScript-based framework. 
  • Supports Single Page web app development. 
  • Translates static HTML to dynamic HTML.
  • Known for features easy to work, saves time, and offers ready to use templates. 

Strong Reasons Developers opt for Angular.JS 


  • Supports MVC Architecture


Angular.JS framework supports the original MVC (Model-View-Controller)  architecture pattern. Mostly in the development process, programmers have to split the app into three MVC components, and then again have to work on the essential coding process to connect them with each other. 

With Angular.JS developers only have to separate the app, and the rest of the coding process to connect the different components are interlinked by (Model-View-View Model) design pattern.

2) Developed and Maintained by Google 

The foremost reason that developers preferred for Android.JS are it is developed and maintained by Google. As it is maintained by the well known and world-famous company Google, developers can rely on it for the reliable coding process and the codes will work on an effective scale with their projects. Whereas, other frameworks may lack reliable support in terms of coding as compared to Angular.JS. 

3) Manual Code Testing

Large projects require multiple key operations, in it, developers can write and test the code manually. Developers can reuse the codes without any integration conflict, which turns the development process easier and faster. 

4) Flexible Filters 

There are multiple features, which help developers to refine the data by excluding the minor errors. Many features are integrated into the Angular.JS like Directives, implementing pagination, and formatting decimals. These features can be integrated into controllers, services, directives and to view multiple templates.  These filters integration turns the process into profitable and sorted out the HTML table without any JavaScript. However, Filters speed up the process. 

5) Enable Frequent Testing Process

Testing helps developers to make sure that their apps are error-free and they are going towards the right development process, some frameworks don’t allow you to test the app again and again but in the Angular.JS framework, offers you an opportunity to test the app again and again on each step, it helps programmers to figure out the issues on the initial level and to sort them out easily. 


These are the topmost advantages of the Angular.JS framework. If you want to leverage features of Angular.JS or want to turn the development process into easier and faster hire Angular.JS developers for your small to large projects.

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