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MOT test centre

A lot of people ask some basic questions like when, why and how? These three basic elemental questions almost constitute 97 per cent of our life. If we are not aware of what and how are we going to perform in a corporate, it can lead to severe consequences.

The Same Questions Apply To Your Car As Well!

If you do not know why is your vehicle troubling you and how to fix it, then we are sorry to say, but you are not a good car owner. But, now the question arises, how to ensure your car’s proper functioning and where it needs help? In case you are a citizen of the UK, then congratulations because the government has already fixed this problem for you.

You only need to do one thing, i.e. get your car an MOT certificate, and you will be ready to rule the road. But, the same set of questions arises again, when to get an MOT test? How to get an MOT test? Why get an MOT test? Allow us to answer them step by step for you.

When Do You Need an MOT Inspection?

According to the guidelines, specified by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), once your car turns three years old, it becomes a legal requirement for you as a car owner to get an annual MOT inspection done.

Once your car passes the MOT inspection, the test centre provides you with a pass certificate that proves your car’s road worthiness.

What If Your Car Fails an MOT Test?

If your car fails an MOT test, then you are required to get it repaired either by the test centre or your trusted mechanic. Driving a vehicle with a failed MOT certificate makes you liable for a fine up to £2500.

When Will My Mot Inspection Be Due?

In case, you lose your MOT certificate, just enter your registration number, and the vehicle’s make on the website of the government of the UK. Simply type tool on your browser’s search bar.

Once you pass this step, you will be able to see your MOT status.

Secondly, the web portal also allows you to order a fresh MOT Bilston certificate to be delivered at your home or the office.

How can I prepare for an MOT test?

We advise you to prepare a proper checklist to ensure that you do not waste your money on a failed MOT certificate.

But now a lot of people will ask, what parameters should I consider while preparing a Pre- MOT Wednesbury checklist. Look no further!

Pre-MOT checklist

  • Ensure that your number plates are clean and readable as that’s the first thing, an MOT expert will look for in your car.

  • Make sure that your horn blows appropriately and is easily audible.

  • Do not present a car with inadequate fluids or risk failing the MOT.

  • Check for any tears on the windscreen wipers.

  • If any sticker is blocking your view, remove it straight away.

Passing an MOT test is very crucial for your car, but there’s an important question still left to address.

Why is the MOT test so important?

  • Passing an MOT test is essential because of two key aspects- safety and legality.

  • You can be banned from driving if you fail to carry a valid MOT certificate with you.

  • Driving a car with unsafe parameters is similar to driving a bike without the handle.

  • Lastly, no one likes to pay a hefty sum of £2500.

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