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What happens if you stop doing SEO? How will it affect your website’s traffic or your brand visibility?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful platform that provides a number of significant results to any website by increasing its online visibility and improving website traffic. The combo of keyword placement, suspicious backlinks, content marketing and many other strategies of substantial white-hat SEO can help you to build a strong presence in the market. But, if you stop working on such strategies, you may see a decline phase that hardly affects the website traffic.

Why Does Traffic Fall After Stopping SEO?

In this case, you will notice that for a period of time after SEO services got discontinued, the traffic will begin to slip. Whereas, more locally-focused services brands may continue to see steady traffic for a more extended period of time. As you know, sites that rank in the top organic spot receive the highest amount of visibility. As a result, such sites tend to have the highest click through rate. Many SEO service providers offer affordable SEO services that visualize the importance of maintaining top organic rankings.

However, here we explain the following reasons why you do not stop SEO.

Table of Content

  • Why Do Rankings Decline After Stop Doing SEO
  • Lack of Informative and Fresh Content
  • Updation in Algorithm
  • Stop Refreshing Pages
  • Ignoring Technical Issues
  • Stop Watching Out For Bad Links

So, What Happens if You Stop Doing SEO

Why Do Rankings Decline After Stop Doing SEO

  • Lack of Informative and Fresh Content

Fresh Content Informative
Fresh Content

Google and other search engines only value fresh, informative, relevant and unique content. Websites that are daily updated with such enlightening content are proven to command the organic rankings. The more you add new content, the more Google bots and other crawlers will index that new content, which increases the chances of appearing in the SERPs.

Therefore, it is recommended that you provide valuable content to your visitors by offering them some relevant information that they are actually looking for. If you stop encouraging people to return to your website for new posts, then it reduces your branded searches, which are a symbol of quality to Google.

  • Updation in Algorithm

Updation Algorith
Updation in Algorithm

The most recent Google algorithm updates are Panda, Penguin, Possum, Pigeon that have seriously affected not only the sites but also the different SEO strategies, which ensure that your ranking reaches that coveted top organic spot. Many search engines roll out new updates to their ranking algorithms every day, which minorly and majorly affect the rankings much and change SEO best practices entirely.

You leave yourself susceptible to these types of changes without an SEO specialists who is continuously working on your site. Therefore, use the combination of algorithms and numerous ranking signals to deliver web pages ranked by relevance on its SERPs. It is the best SEO penalty recovery system save you from any falls.

  • Stop Refreshing Pages

Refreshing Pages
Stop Refreshing Pages

You may achieve 10% to 30% traffic on a particular page when you refresh it correctly. The reason for doing so is Google loves to see new information and  value it by ranking it higher. But, how to update those pages? What should be added on those pages?

Here are a few tips that include:

  • Adding FAQs section on the page
  • Adding Links to Other articles
  • Updating facts
  • Updating dates
  • Adding Schema
  • Making the text longer
  • Making some changes in the page templates and many more.

While refreshing the pages, do not forget to make sure that it matches search intent and contain valuable information to positioning on #1 ranking page. It includes doing research, categorizing the query based on user intent, analyzing the top pages, creating a new strategy for the page you are trying to get ranked and refreshing as a result of that.

  • Ignoring Technical Issues

Technical Issues
Technical Issues

Some people ignore the technical issues that may break things without any reason. Without a proper technical SEO framework in place, all that on-page work will not show the desired effect. Therefore, to prevent the loss of customers and sustaining business growth, businesses need to identify and fix the common on-site technical SEO problems with their websites. There are technical SEO issues that require their attention due to which your business’ online presence takes a hit. If you do not monitor the technical aspects of your site, the following issues may arise:

  • Site will block from robots.txt
  • A duplicacy in content
  • Accidentally push your development site into the index

Therefore, it is especially important to stay technically correct with new developments like mobile usability, page speed, AMP, and more. If you do not work on these processes, it will cost you down the line and make your tech stack  out of date due to the fact, you can no longer compete in the market. But, SEO pricing is reliable and affordable.

  • Stop Watching Out For Bad Links

A bad link profile can fall down your ranking. So, keep watching your backlinks. Otherwise, you may lose your potential customers, plus brand visibility. Broken links are not only bad for user experience but can also be devastating to the site’s relationship with Google. Avoid linking out to defective content, and also avoid having pages on your site that are broken. The following things happen if you ignore this:

  • People scrape your website content and keep the links in by accident.
  • You receive alerts of Google from sites hacked by malware.
  • Competitors try to do negative SEO on your site.

If you do not focus on the above-mentioned points once a month, you are putting your website ranking at risk. So, do it weekly for clients in competitive spaces So, be sure to regularly audit your outbound links to ensure you are not pointing people (or bots) to broken pages.


So, What Happens if You Stop Doing SEO

Skipping SEO for a few days will not show an immediate difference in your performance. Therefore, SEO requires constant attention. When you stop doing SEO, you will notice a drop in rankings, plus a drop in traffic.

So, whether you hire the top seo companies in Australia or you have going it by yourself with the help of DIY approaches, regular maintenance and updates are necessary for your website. It is a perfect way to be successful online and should be considered an unavoidable part of your business’ monthly expenses. With a platform, you can continuously optimize your website that does not cost a fortune or take up an enormous amount of time to rank higher.

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