Most cars develop smell after some time for a host of different reasons starting from food to pets, and various other sources.

Luckily, deodorizing a car is not an extremely difficult job and can be done within a few systematic steps, provided you know the right technique and the equipment for the purpose. We have discussed the very same things in this article for your reference. Have a look.

1. Look for sources

If you smell something unpleasant in your car, the first obvious thing that you should do is to look for its sources.

Look on the floor for anything that can create such disgusting smells inside the car, such as food spills, dirty clothing, etc. Also, don’t forget to search under the seats, in between, and inside the trunk.

Finally, toss out any prominent causes of bad smells, such as old napkins, food wrappings, etc. Remember, even old magazines can create a musty odor inside the car if they are kept there for far too long. Remove them, if any.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of your car

Make sure of using the vacuum cleaner for cleaning everything inside your car, including the places under your rug and seats.

You should use a handheld vacuum cleaner in case you have one with you, but a visit to the car wash is more advisable as far as “vacuuming your car interiors” is concerned.

3. Remove stains and spills from the carpet

If you notice any spill or stain on the carpet, use a commercial carpet cleaner to remove them ASAP.

Key points to remember:

  • Always dilute the cleaner with water before putting it to use.
  • Don’t forget to test the cleaner on a small and unnoticeable portion of your car to ensure it is safe for use on your car interiors.

4. Use an AC cleaner to clean up the AC vents

clean up the AC vents

A car’s AC vent builds up dirt and debris over time which may very well create the unpleasant smell inside your car that we were talking about.

Hence, it is important that you use a standard AC cleaner to clean up the vents while deodorizing your car. Just squirting it down the vents would do.

5. Use pet deodorizers for removing pet smells (if any)

Pet deodorizers are specifically made with certain enzymes for the elimination of pet odors in all.

You spritz the fluid onto the stain and let it sit for a bit. You can then rinse it out easily with a bit of water and soap.

Note: Always test the pet deodorizer on a small and unnoticeable area of your car first to ensure it doesn’t cause any permanent and visible damage, on the whole.

6. Use baking soda to your advantage

baking soda

Source- Flickr

Baking soda has a natural tendency of lifting scents from surfaces.

All you’ll have to do is to sprinkle a tiny amount of soda on the affected areas of the car and let it sit for a bit, preferably, overnight, and then, you can easily vacuum it up the very next day.

7. Know when to seek professional assistance

As soon as you identify smells indicating mechanical failure of your vehicle, opt for professional help immediately.

Here are your red flags to observe:

  • A fishy smell can indicate the leakage of your vehicle’s antifreeze, and that too inside your car.
  • Smells coming from the air conditioning system may indicate some serious mechanical failure.
  • If you notice any scent of gas inside the car, contact a mechanic immediately. DO NOT drive the vehicle at any possible cost.
  • Tobacco scents usually cannot be removed without the help of a professional. Therefore, seek professional help for removing tobacco odors, if any.

8. Smelly license plate? Keep it in the sun

Smelly number plates usually occur as a result of the sprayed varnish that was used on many 1970s-1980s number plates. This varnish is not in use anymore. Hence, this problem should particularly be associated with older number plates, in general.

The easiest way of solving this problem is to leave the plates in bright sunlight for an extended period of time (say, a couple of weeks). The rest will take care of itself.

So that’s basically it. Hope the eight tips mentioned above come in handy for your purpose. Goodbye and good luck!