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Pimples are the most irritating and sometimes dangerous skin problems faced by many youngsters. Treating them in the proper way only can give relief to such problems. The inflamed acnes are a factor of humiliation for many. Though it arises due to the specific skin conditions of the individuals, people misinterpret them as symbols of lack of hygiene. The pain and the breakouts at the acne-affected areas may prevail for certain days restricting you to go for your favourite makeups .many of you must be the victims of the scars that appear after the acne removal and will be clueless about the scar treatment. Know the type of scars you are having and treat them accordingly.

Acne scars

Scars are formed when a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the cells under it.

Before starting the scar treatment, you must know the type of scar, as each type of scar may need different treatment methods. Some simple acne scar may get relieved with the no scars cream for pimple. It is better to know the other 3 kinds of acne scars and identify yours.

  • Atrophic or depressed scars

These are the very normal kind of scars on the face. This normally will be deeper than the surrounding skin. After the rupture of the acne, the skin repair will happen with the collagen formation. If there is not enough collagen formation while the repairing, this type of scars will appear. This may fall under the box scar- wide and U-shaped scar with sharp edges, ice pick scar- narrow and V-shaped scars similar to chickenpox scar, finally the rolling scar-wide irregular edged round scars.

  • Hypertrophic or raised scars

If you have the chest or back acne, there is a high probability of this scar formation. They appear as a raised surface compared to the surrounding skin. Opposite to atrophic scars, the formation of hypertonic scars is due to the increased formation of collagen during the skin repair.

  • Dark spots

The dark spots cannot be considered as a scar, since the traces may disappear as a few days later. They will normally appear as purple or brown marks gradually fading away without any special treatment.

At-home treatment

It is always advisable to consult with a dermatologist than going with over the counter medication. The doctors can guide you through the best methods of treatment according to the intensity of your scar. Also, you can clarify that your skin is not suffering from any other condition but with the acne scars only. If the scars appear to be in the initial stage and are not spread to larger areas, one can search for the effective no scars cream details. They are available online too.


We all dream about the clear and vibrant skin. The acnes and the scars are the main hindrances to this. Knowing the type and intensity of the scars, one can start the scar treatment. Try out some home remedies and effective scar removing creams for the mild scars. Otherwise don’t forget to seek medical help.

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