If you are willing to enjoy the Islamic traditions, cultures and customs you can go to Turkey that is the most secured, mesmerizing and incredible country of the European Union that is also an Islamic country. You will find one of the most delicious cuisines especially Turkish kebabs and tricky ice cream in turkey with everlasting taste on your mind as Turkish dishes are admired for their taste and unique ingredients all over the world. Turkish history keeps you intrigued with remarkable monuments, beautiful mosques and some outstanding tombs of the Ottoman Empire’s kings. Without any doubt, Turkey was regarded as the 6th most visited country for tourists in 2015.

Although there were little tough situations for turkey for the past 3 to 4 years due to trouble going in Syria yet it is mostly preferred by tourists because it has become stable and cleared of terrorist activities. Tourists still turn their heads towards mesmerizing beauty and the unique food of Turkey.

You will find fire stacks and floating air balloons in every town of Turkey. Turkey is a house of heritage sites with reflecting the Ottoman Empire’s culture and Roman influence is found in heritage sites. After 2016, so many world conferences have been held in turkey as an indication of the safest country in the European Union. It was due to combining efforts of bloggers, celebrities, brands and government officials to repatriate Turkish lost tourist significance due to Syrian conflicts in past years.

I am taking holidays from law assignment help UK and planning to visit Turkey to see the beautiful monuments and the blessings of God there. So if you are dreaming of spending your holidays in Turkey like me, then just make your plans. Do not be worried about safety and other insecurities because after knowing about history and cultural attractions in Turkey you will be enticed to visit Turkey at least once in your life. You can check more information before visiting Turkey from different online platforms.

Turkish mountains

If you want to see beautiful and rough mountains and volcanoes in Turkey then there are so many to see but I would recommend the two greatest mountains in the country.

The stunning mountains of turkey are quite famous in the whole of Europe. The largest mountain is Mount Ararat in the east of the country with snow covering its top almost. It constitutes two peak elevations. One is Great Ararat and the other is Little Ararat. Moreover, the other mountain is Mount Erciyes has also the second name of Argaeusa. It is a volcanic mountain. It’s also in the east of the country. It was formed by magma and lava in the past and still has a surrounding of lava and magma.

Turkish mosques

Turkish mosques have been always sparkling hubs for visitors because of their architectural style and unique designs. One of the most famous mosques is Blue Mosque of Istanbul that is said to connect its roots with the old Roman Empire that’s not confirmed. All types of travelers and visitors are allowed to witness the authenticity of mosque including Muslims and non-Muslims. Shehzade Mosque and New Mosques are also renowned mosques due to stunning outlook and astonishing interior designs.

Turkish monuments

If you are looking for some of the greatest monuments in Turkey then you should embark to see the Republic Monument of Turkey in Istanbul at Taksim square with black flags and men holding flags presenting the republic of Turk. There is also a sculpture of Ataturk Mustafa kamal in Izmir riding on a horse. Mehmetcik monument is also well-known that is situated in Ankara. You will be familiar with Kadikoy bull statue at Istanbul be ready to pay a visit to it again.

Turkish Food

Turkish cuisines are world-famous because of delicious ingredients and unique taste. Tourists and travelers are attracted to turkey to relish the ultimate taste of different types of cuisines in Turkey. Although fast food is the most edible in the western or European world yet visitors prefer to check the national dishes of turkey to have a delicious taste. In some restaurants in Turkey, there are cultural dishes like Doner, Koftee, kokoretsi, Kummpir, and gozlemme are usually eaten. People in large cities love to eat out to taste different restaurants as the most travelers and tourists do. Besides, the prices of dishes are quite affordable and cheaper than most of the fast foods in turkey.

Different areas in the country have different cultural tastes. For instance in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir ottoman taste is famous. Mostly fish dishes, rice dishes, egg dishes and vegetable dishes are served in these cities. Once you taste any kind of dish here you will never forget the taste of food served in turkey.

Turkish Hamams

The old cultural type of Turkish baths is renowned because of services and calmness present there. If you go there must visit one of the old hammams of turkey to feel the utmost relax environment there. You can also find massage services in a traditional or local spa with reasonable prices and translators to facilitate you completely.

Are you looking for suitable weather?

To honest you should consider spring month the best and suitable to enjoy holidays in the calm environment of Turkey. In spring there is no heat issue and you get quite long days to spend wondering in turkey. I would recommend you turn your head towards Istanbul first which is also the capital of Turkey and then Cappadocia that is also the city of hot air balloons. These cities are the busiest cities during spring months in Turkey and al restaurants, hotels and resorts are booked during these days. So here is the advice of pre-booking your hotels if you are determined to pay your visit to these cities in spring. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy beaches because days are lengthy and its off-season.

Besides, the fall season is also great to visit the Turkish atmosphere. However, you will get shorter day timing here with greater possibilities of rain. Although the weather is not critical yet towns are intensely crowded with tourists and travelers. If you are planning to enjoy the beaches then you should probably go in the summer season because the weather is quite hot in the summer season and people rush to beaches. Consequently, towns and cities are less crowded. In winter there are chances of rain and tourists do not prefer the winter season.