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Tungsten alloy manufacturers

There are various metals produced and fabricated industrially. Each of these has its significance and application in different industries based on the nature of the processes involved. However, there is a metal known as Tungsten that is gaining popularity in the modern-day industrial scenario because of its unique properties and diverse application. Tungsten alloys are widely used around the globe in multiple industries. Its high durability allows experts to play with its features and use them in a diverse set of ways.

With the on-going technological progress, experts are devising new methods and techniques to enhance its application. The cost of Tungsten is indeed very high, but at the same time, the benefits we can get from it have vital importance. Tungsten alloy manufacturers use techniques to make it easy for consumers to benefit from it. The durable nature of Tungsten ensures the longevity of the products it is used in and therefore has a popular as well as positive market response.

Interesting Facts About Tungsten

Tungsten is not a newly discovered metal. It has been a part of the earth’s crust for a long time. However, the widespread usage of this unique metal dates back to a couple of centuries. One of the most exciting facts about Tungsten is that it is one of the toughest substances in the world. Initially, it was not possible to cut or mold Tungsten into different shapes and sizes. Still, with the growing technology, elaborate techniques came along that can be used to make modifications to it. Tungsten is also known as Wolfram in some regions of the globe.

Where is Tungsten Produced?

Tungsten is predominantly produced in China. Almost 80% of global production comes from China. Canada and Russia are also in the list of Tungsten producing countries. But their annual production numbers are significantly lesser as compared to China.

Common Properties of Tungsten

Tungsten holds the crown among all the metals for having the highest melting point. It is two times heavier than lead and has a dense chemical structure that is almost twice that of steel. It has excellent tensile strength and hardness but has incredible absorption properties as well as high resistance. According to the recent findings, tungsten alloys are found to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Tungsten is also celebrated in resistance against corrosion.

Areas of Uses

Tungsten alloys can be ideal to use in industries where the target is to produce items that are small in size but are more substantial and durable at the same time. The military, as well as the aviation industry, require large quantities of tungsten alloy for manufacturing projectile explosives and bullets. Tungsten alloy is also used in the manufacturing of rotor blades on jet engines. One of the most common applications of tungsten alloys is in the light bulbs that contain tungsten filaments. Tungsten alloy manufacturers are often contracted by various industries to produce components based on the requirements of the engineered staff.

For PPT and Video purpose:

  • Tungsten is a highly durable metal.
  • The cost of Tungsten is very high, but its application and uses are worth the price.
  • The actual usage of Tungsten dates back to almost a couple of centuries.
  • It has the highest melting point among all the other metals.
  • Tungsten is 2 times heavier than lead and 2 times denser than steel.
  • Tungsten is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Initially, it was not possible to cut and mold Tungsten into different sizes and shapes.
  • Tungsten is also known as Wolfram in some regions of the world.
  • China is the most abundant tungsten producer and produces 80% of the global production scale.
  • Canada and Russia are also in the line after China for producing Tungsten.
  • Tungsten is widely used in the military and aviation industry.
  • Tungsten is also standard in incandescent light bulbs.

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