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There are tons of reasons why commercial refrigeration units are vital in the food industry. Whether you are opening a new food store or restaurant, you will need them to keep a huge amount of liquor and food at proper storage temperature.

Today there are numerous types available in a broad range of sizes and styles. No matter what commercial refrigerator you choose, make sure that it caters to all your business storage, and ventilation needs well. If you do not have enough time to decide or install the unit, it’s a smart idea to consider commercial refrigeration installation Gold Coast service.


Types of Commercial Refrigerators:


Reach-in Refrigerators

Reach-in refrigerator (also known as an upright refrigerator) is a highly versatile and affordable commercial fridge common in restaurants, cafeteria, and convenience stores. They quickly cool food and ingredients for preparation in spite of frequent door opening. They are typically built for heavy use and have a more robust compressor in comparison to residential refrigerators.

They take plenty of floor space. It means these units are great for the back or another side of the bar to keep it out of the customer’s sight. The best part is that there are tons of access and door types to cater to your needs.


Walk-In Refrigerators

Walk-in fridge is big and has insulated space to store bulk food items like alcohol, juices, etc. for the long term. It is especially common in the food sales and food service sector.

The majority of models are built to hold rolling racks or mobile shelving to help you organize your different food stuff in different zones. So if you are planning to open a vast restaurant, then it’s a good idea to consider walk-ins. For better organization, you an even set shelves inside your freezer.


Serve-Over-Counter Refrigerators

A commercial Serve-Over-Counter fridge (also known as Deli Counter or Deli Fridge) allows the business to attractively showcase their food products in front of customers via a glass display.

This drives more sales of your chilled drinks and food. It is mainly useful when you need to store and serve your stock at the ideal temperature. So if you are new in the supermarket or any other food business, you will need this one.


Under Counter Refrigerators

Under Counter Refrigerator is a small-sized commercial fridge designed to fit small spaces. You can place the under the counter. It not just saves space, but also offers quick access to the products.

Whether you want to create a tailored look with panel ready unit or want something more casual, you will find tons of options. Many models offer most of the functionality of a full-size fridge but in a tiny space. Moreover, they are typically less costly in comparison to full-sized refrigerators.


Horizontal Refrigerators

Horizontal refrigerators have the potential to store a massive amount of food stuff. They are also much cost-effective in comparison to the freezer rooms. Today they are available in a wide variety of features and sizes.


Merchandising Refrigerators

Merchandising refrigerators are the same as display refrigerators, but they usually have either open front or glass doors for eye-catchy display. The main aim of installing merchandising refrigerators is to boost business sales by attracting customers to buy frozen products.

They are built to store packaged stuff only, such as sealed bottles, packed sandwiches, canned sodas, etc. However, these commercial units do not cater to the food zone requirements.


Refrigerated Prep Tables

A commercial kitchen is incomplete without a preparation table to prepare dishes and serve them out. Refrigerated prep tables are great for storing and keeping pizzas, burritos, salads, sandwiches, and more.

These commercial units have big refrigeration areas and typically include wire shelves. They also have a lid at the top for quick access to the prepared food to the guests. Commercial prep table fridge is great for those who want to save money, time, and space. So if your business serves sandwiches or pizza, then it’s a perfect choice for you.


Commercial Bar Refrigerators

Commercial bar refrigerators are but to be used in different food settings. They typically have a stainless steel exterior to give under counter bar area a charming look.

Most of the models have a vast storage space that allows you to store a huge variety of drinks, beverages, and food stuff. They are great for bars as they cater to all their needs well.


Roll-In Refrigerators

Roll-in commercial refrigerators are super convenient and versatile refrigerators. They have wheels for easy movement and contain racks that can be rolled directly into the cabinet.

They are common in busy food settings as they can be used quickly and transferred with much ease to any area. This allows easy preparation and serving of food without much hassle. The best part of roll-ins is that they are easy to clean and comes with LEDs to keep a close eye on food spoilage.


Wrapping Up:

Commercial refrigerators are an integral part of any food business. They are used in restaurants, cafes, hotels, retail stores or any other food sector to keep food items chilled and maintain their freshness for a long time. There are tons of commercial refrigeration types in the market, so make sure you choose the right one as per your business.

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