Periodical tyre rotation is essential to prevent uneven wear. This activity prolongs the life of the tyres. It is advised to rotate the tyres on the vehicle once in every six months or every 6000 miles whichever comes first. In tyre rotation, each tyre has to be removed and refitted to a different position that helps in ensuring that each tyre wears evenly and lasts longer. For each driving method, your tyres should be rotated correctly. Always make sure that you rotate the tyres to the right position in your vehicle.

What is Tyre Rotation?

It is the process of moving tyres from one axle to others periodically. Since steering and breaking create stress on the front end tyres, the tread wears out quickly. Routine repositioning of tyres helps in maintaining even tread wear and improves control over the vehicle in wet conditions. During rotation, you can visually inspect your tyres for any damages.

Importance of tyre rotation

There are many reasons why tyre rotation is important. Firstly, regular tyre rotation helps in even tyre wear across all four tyres and tread life is extended. It is because each position on the vehicle needs a different give from each tyre and can lead to more or less worn on the tyre. It is essential to rotate new tyres by every 6000 miles because deep and fresh tyre tread is prone to uneven wear.

Secondly, balanced tread wear keeps the tread depth uniformly that helps in keeping traction and handling consistent across all four tyres. It will also improve braking and cornering performances, keep your vehicle safer for overall driving.

Finally, if your Tyres Warwickshire are all-wheel-drive, then evenly worn tyres will lower the stresses and reduce wear on pricey driving components.

Tyre rotation “Not possible”

In some vehicles, it would have been noticed that the wheels and tyres mounted to the rear would be larger than the front. This type of setup is called “Staggered fitment” and it is commonly seen in many luxury and sports cars. These vehicles have directional tyres too. It means it is not possible to swap the left rear for the right rear without reversing the direction of the tyres. Rotating side to side is the only way of rotating these tyres and it is possible only after dismounting and remounting the tyres to the wheels. If you have any such vehicle, you may replace the rear tyres as a pair to save on replacement costs. Premium brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, Continental, and Bridgestone Tyres Coventry give proper guidelines for tyre rotation and the best ways to keep your tyres in perfect shape and condition.

How often tyres need rotation?

• If you regularly drive long distances at high speed or carry heavy loads, then you may need frequent rotation because of the extra strain to the tyres.

• When uneven wear is noticed the tyres have to be changed immediately to stop further loss.

• When you are driving on a smooth road and hearing a humming sound from the tyres, it means you to the time for tyre rotation.