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Tyre Fitting

Life is a race, and you don’t wanna be running it with shoes that aren’t your size. Size isn’t your limit but is rather going to be your aide in crossing your limits. Locks and keys and gears of a vehicle are some of the examples of things that don’t work when paired with a different sized counterpart.

Similarly, wheels and tyres need to be of a particular ratio to fit and perform properly. Improper wheel and tyre fitting Tamworth might lead to reduced performance and also be dangerous to drive. Confusing? Don’t worry. This article will help you out clear all your doubts related to tyre sizes and pairing.

Wheel Size

Wheel sizes are stated in the form of: (diameter x width). Therefore, a wheel with a 17” diameter may have 17×7”, 17×8” or 17×8.5” measurements. Width tends to increase with the diameter, hence, you might not spot wheels with small width sizes and large diameters, i.e. 17×5” or 17×10”. Rather, you might spot a 14×5” or a 19×10” wheels, which are known as the standard sizes.

The last number of your tyre size is your wheel diameter. For example, in 205/55/16, the diameter is the 16”. Whereas, it is not easy to determine the width of a wheel. To know the width, you will have to unmount the wheel and you’ll find it behind the spokes of the wheel. If not, use a measuring tape to know the width. Take the measurement from the inside of each flange, the point of contact between the tyre and the wheel, rather than the external edges.

Different Setups

Some of the high-performance vehicle manufacturers tend to have bigger rear wheels as compared to the front wheels. This increases the area of contact of the rear wheels with the road, which is good in rear-wheel-drive cars. However, this also has a drawback to it. Tyre rotation is such cars is not possible due to the mismatch of sizes. Front wheels can be used as rear ones for temporary usage, but the rear ones can’t be switched in for the front ones. A bigger wheel would not be adjustable with the front suspension and rub against the wheel arch and damage the suspension system.

Similarly, tyres are troubling in such situations. Different size of the front and rear tyres of cars create issues when rotated. The tyre will wear out faster and damage other parts as well when not fitted with the correct size wheel. Thus making pairing and size an important factor in designing of cars as well.

Tyre Size

Just like wheels, tyres are also of specific sizes. Certain width tyres go with their respective size of wheels. Smaller tyres can be used on bigger wheels, but this isn’t the best thing to do. You’re forcing the tyre to take a different shape and fit on a bigger wheel. You can spot this defect as the tyre seems to be leaning and does not have a vertical sidewall with respect to the tread. This is a very dangerous condition to drive in as the tread is supposed to grip the road and provide control of the vehicle, which would not be happening in this condition.

What’s worse is that people claim to purposely do this to improve the visual appearance of their car. This causes the tyres to have a 45-degree angle with the road, which is not an adequate driving requirement of a car. You can surely claim that you’ve done it to give your car a personal touch, but what’s the use if you’re not safe after doing it.

Why risk it for such an irrelevant biscuit? Not only does this reduce your safety but also of others on the road. It is wiser to not disturb the working of your car just for the sake of visual-enhancement, as it can have its consequences.

If you have any queries about tyre fitting Tamworth or need assistance with some tyre issue, visit or contact us at One Stop Tyre Centre. Our skilful technicians will solve your queries and provide you with the best pieces of advice, while also assisting with all your issues.

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