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When downsizing your company or business, an office reinstatement is necessary. This is also required when opting for serviced office premises or co-working space. It is very important to understand the whole process of reinstatement and disposal. The whole process might partly include the design and build of the old premises. Great care is necessary to ensure that the project doesn’t drain your pocket.

Another strategy to downsize might include renting office furniture. This enhances flexibility in the work environment but requires reinstatement and disposal at the old premises. You have to ensure that the project is undertaken at par with the requirements of the property management company. Here is an ultimate guide to office reinstatement and furniture disposal.

Ultimate Guide To Office Reinstatement And Disposal -  Officereno

Mind the property before occupying

Before you take over the office unit, request for its original construction plan and keep a copy. This will come in handy when the time for reinstatement comes. Additionally, get physical evidence of the premises before occupying it apart from the plan. Take photos during handover and keep them safe. Take as many photos of the place as you can for future reference. You can as well have a professional to let you know any future reinstatement concerns.

Get an idea of what future reinstatement will cost you to be sure of what you are getting into. When adjusting the premises to match your business requirements, minimize elements that might hike the reinstatement cost. Some of the elements to keep in mind include air conditioning, ceiling finishes, and layout of lighting. When you open, keep the premises well maintained and clean. This might make the property manager to forgo reinstatement when your lease expires.

Get a reputable company

For quality office reinstatement work in Singapore enlist the services of a well-rounded contractor. Keep in mind the cost for each square feet differs depending on the location of the premises. Those in the central business district are usually higher than in out of town areas. The ideal contractor should understand appropriate plans and guidelines from the building management company. This will ensure that the project is completed to comply with the requirements of the building management.

Keep in mind that some reinstatements might be subjective especially older buildings with some finishes and materials no longer on the market. It is very important to ensure that the contractor uses equivalent materials that meet the property manager’s level of satisfaction. The material should match the original building equipment installation, workmanship, and specification. This will ensure that you get back the rental deposit after the reinstatement contractor handles back the property.

Disposal during office reinstatement

Skyrocketing economic growth in Singapore has created a demand for building and design projects. Handling used furniture and equipment when moving out of your old office is now a big concern. This comes with a growing waste management problem on the island where land is a scarce resource. Managing waste disposal now comes at a high cost.

One way to minimize the cost of disposing of old furniture is by finding a market for it. However, few outlets in the country sell and buy used furniture. Other businesses fear using second-hand furniture since they are likely to need replacement sooner and face the disposal problem too.

How a reinstatement contractor helps during disposal

Apart from furniture, an office reinstatement project usually involves other materials that need disposal including carpets, dry walls, glass, and ceiling boards. You are also likely to have old equipment such as server racks, air conditioning units, data and electrical cables, and worn-out computers and laptops. The country’s green initiative makes DIY disposal of these items extremely difficult. So, you need a reinstatement contractor who handles furniture and equipment dismantling. Afterward, these are segregated into small parts for selling to second-hand vendors and junk shops.

Costs to expect during disposal include:

You have to budget for the cost of dismantling and destroying unwanted furniture and cabinets. This is necessary since some garbage dumps don’t accept full or bulky pieces of furniture. There is also the cost of logistics to bring down, load, transport, and unload the discarded items. The project might require renting metal disposal bins, container compactors, and tongs to allow proper disposal of such items. You also have to budget for extensive labor required for the disposal to ensure the project is completed on schedule.

Things to keep in mind

Some people opt to lease fully fitted office units. However, before taking the plunge, ensure to discover what the reinstatement will entail when your lease expires. This might seem like a sweet deal but the reinstatement might not be simple. Ensure to check all details to avoid ending up with a higher reinstatement bill than you anticipated. Additionally, check government initiatives regarding offering incentives on using sustainable construction materials and finishes. This might lower the cost of your reinstatement project.

Bottom line

Before leasing business premises, it is very important to understand what the reinstatement will require at the end of your lease. Equally important is having a professional contractor to handle the whole process to match the property manager’s satisfaction.

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