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When considering packaging for your products, never under look shrink film. This type of packaging material is applicable in various industries including board game manufacturing and food processing. Shrink packaging comes with incredible versatility making it ideal for various functions including protection from moisture and dust and bundling products together.

Ultimate Guide To The Types Of Shrink Packaging - Durapak

Types of shrink packaging options

Shrink wrap

Regular shrink wrap comes in rolls for use by hand or by machine. A reputable supplier offers shrink wrap on single wound rolls or centerfold rolls. These come with a sheet folded in half and later wound on the roll. When applying this form of shrink wrap, the film sheet needs unfolding before applying around the product. Centerfold shrink film rolls are usually used for hand applications.

Alternatively, single wound shrink film rolls also called lay-flat shrink film don’t come folded. This is wound onto a roll core. This allows using high-speed shrink machines to speed up operations. Shrink film rolls unwind faster, unlike centerfold shrink film. The speed of unwinding allows easier use in automated packaging processes.

Shrink bag

These are similar to polybags but are applied with heat. A shrink bag is for a protective layer around a product or help in bundling items together. Using this type of shrink wrap requires inserting an item in the bag before sealing with heat. These bags enhance productivity for allowing packaging similar items with no need to wrap each item individually. In addition, shrink bags come in various sizes to match a variety of products.

Shrink sleeves

When looking for shrink film to enhance your product marketing and branding, shrink sleeves are the best choice. These are even applied in place of labels in various applications. Shrink sleeves are for wrapping bottles and other retail containers to give them an attractive look.

You can order printed shrink sleeves in full color for wrapping around packaging containers offering 360 degrees of visual coverage. The best thing about shrink sleeves is the low maximum shrinking rate. This limits the printed material from distortion during application.

Shrink tubing

This type of shrink film works like shrink sleeves. However, shrink tubing comes pre-cut to specific sizes and supplied in continuous rolls. Using shrink tubing requires sizing and cutting to match your item length. Then you insert your product before sealing both ends.

This type of shrink film is ideal for packaging products with various sizes on a single product line. Shrink tubing allows using a single roll of tubing to make bags and sleeves perfectly matching your products. This saves you from stocking a range of sleeves or bags in various sizes.

Shrink bands

A wonderful way to give your products a tamper-evident seal during packaging is to use shrink bands. These are for wrapping around the containers or bottle lids. Shrink bands are shrinked creating a tight seal that requires cutting off when removing. A supplier can offer you generic shrink bands that fit around various products.

Alternatively, you can use preformed shrink bands for fitting around circle or square shaped containers. Some of the common applications of shrink bands include mouthwash lids, containers for ice cream, and other consumable products.

Shrink tape

Packaging some items requires the use of appropriate heat resistant tape. Shrink tape is heated for tight-fitting around various items. The tape is used with marine wraps to give a secure protection to equipment outdoors. Shrink tape is common in wrapping electrical wires and securing them together. Additionally, shrink take is applied when bundling products together to make transport and storage easier.

Shrink pallet bag

This works like a shrink bag but ideal for fitting over a pallet load. Shrink pallet bags protect pallet loads. However, some people today prefer using a stretch wrap or regular poly bags instead of pallet bags. The pallet bags are not ideal for items sensitive to heat since securing the pallet requires applying heat on the bags. However, non-heat sensitive products are easily bundled together in the pallet with shrink film to make storage and shipping easier.

Outdoor shrink wrap

When you need to protect outdoor equipment and items like boats, you need outdoor shrink wrap. This is a thicker form of shrink wrap for fitting over larger items to form a durable and protective seal against elements. For a better seal, you can use outdoor shrink wrap with shrink tape. This form of packaging material protects equipment outdoors from elements including snow, dust, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Bottom line

Shrink film is an ideal packaging for a variety of applications indoors and outdoors. Luckily, it comes in various options including strength, size, design, and depth. This packaging material is ideal for enhancing product marketing and branding when you use shrink sleeves with full color. Shrink bands make products tamper-proof while outdoor shrink wrap protects large equipment from elements like rainfall, dust, and direct sunlight.

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