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Umrah is the sacred journey toward the holy places of Islam. It is known as a small hajj. Muslims perform small acts of worship according to the Sunnah in this blessed journey. Overall Umrah means visiting Kaaba and performing Tawaf and walk between Saafa and Marwa. Ihram is also important for Umrah. Haramayn Tours is providing a large range of umrah packages for the Muslims of UK.

Steps of Umrah:

There are four steps of Umrah.

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sa’i
  • Tahal-lul


Enter in the state of Ihram is the first and most important step of Umrah. Muslims enter in this state from miqat before the entrance in Makkah.


Tawaf means the rounds around the Kaaba (the house of Allah). After the arrival at Makkah Muslims perform the second step of Umrah in Masjid Al- Haram.


Sa’i means the walk between the mountains of Saafa and Marwa. After the completion of Tawaf, the next step is Sa’i.


Tahal-lul means come out from the state of Ihram. It is the fourth and last step of Umrah after coming out from the state of Ihram, Muslims cut their hairs.

Significance of Umrah:

Umrah is the most blessed tour. As all know it is the short hajj and also Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so it has great blessings and rewards.  Umrah is the cause of countless blessings. It is a way to clean the soul and mind from all the bad things of the world. If a Muslim performs Umrah according to the description of the Quran and Sunnah then its reward is not less than Jihad. It is the promise of Islam if you spend in the way of Allah; Allah will protect you from all the bad things and provide you the shelter. So, Umrah is a good deed in which you spend money and get rewards in return.

As described by Ibn e Masood that Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said;

“Follow-up with Hajj and Umrah, as they remove poverty and sins just like the fire separates impurities from silver, iron, and gold.”

Umrah is a better journey for those who want to perform hajj but are not financially fit to bear the expenses of Hajj. It is blessed to visit the holy places of Islam. As described in Islam that praying in Masjid Al-Haram is millions of times more blessed than praying in any other mosque.

Umrah Tour Management:

Tour is a very important part of life but if it is a Religious tour then it is more important. But managing a tour in another country is not an easy task. Different travel companies in the market help their customers to manage their tours in a very efficient way. Haramayn Tours is the best travel company in the United Kingdom. Every year they offer different hajj and umrah packages for their customers and make it reliable and easy for them. Their Umrah Packages UK 2020 is reasonable and luxury. They are providing comfortable and reliable services to their customers. If you want perfect management for your tour then there is no better option than Haramayn Tours.

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