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Milk separator is basically a device that helps in the extraction of cream from the whole milk. Because of this, whole milk gets divided into skim milk and cream after separation. There is an entire process by which this happens, but the main reason for separation is the difference in density. The process can be made smooth and efficient if a milk separator machine is used. Given below are the details of the working of milk separator machine: –

The separation in the machine takes place due to the centrifugal force. The conical discs in the machines are allowed to rotate at a speed of 6000 to 1000 revolutions per minute depending on the model of the separator. When whole milk gets inside the bowl, it runs through the holes of the disc due to the centrifugal force. The skim milk goes to the outer edge, whereas the fat globules go to the centre due to differences in their density.


A good quality separator is expected to leave very less butterfat into the skim milk, i.e. just 0.01-0.05%. It is always better to look for a milk separator which has a good capacity so that more quantity of milk can get processed at once which could save time. Also, it should work on electricity rather than being manual, as manual tasks can be really time-consuming and troublesome. If milk separator machine Tetra Pak is used, most of the problems can be readily solved as this separator is efficient, spacious and most importantly saves 40% power consumption.

There are few things that affect the separation process, such as temperature, amount of butterfat in the milk and quality of the milk. The optimal temperature for separation is 35-40 degree Celsius, and it is advised to make sure that the temperature does not exceed 45 degree Celsius. It is obvious that if the butter fat in the milk is more then it would be more in the cream too after separation. But it should be noted that the maximum amount of butter fat after separation should not be more than 40%. Small separators do not have the self-cleaning bowls and the accumulation of slime, butter fat and side matter could affect the efficiency of process. Thus the bowl should he cleaned every 60-90 minutes, as the exact time of separation depends on the quality of milk. For convenience, it would be better to keep two bowls and alternate them of one gets accumulations in order to keep the process uninterrupted.

Milk separator assists in the process of standardization, which is basically the process of fat content regulation. There are regulating screws in the bowl, that determines the fat content in the cream. Clarification of the milk is also achieved along with standardization and separation. The foreign matter or dirt is effectively removed in the clarification process which is more efficient than filtration.

The milk separators used in the industries also removes bacteria and spores from the milk. There are special centrifuges used for this purpose which removes the heat resistant spores and even bacteria that has a higher density than milk. The process is called bactofugation, which leads the bacteria and spores to go to the outer edge of the bowl where they are discharged.

Milk separation process could be really easy, or it could be tiring depending upon the separator being used. A good quality electric separator will always make tasks such as cleaning, changing, etc much easier than the traditional separators. Milk separator machine is used widely due to its amazing features.



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