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custom import export data

Canada is one of the known countries in the list of developed countries of the world. There are many industries and trading houses established here that offer a huge contribution to the economy of this country. To understand the development of the country and know its path of progress it is necessary to find the world import export data in relevance to Canada. This can help to know the overall global trading pattern of this country and its future development. 

The trades: 

To know the custom import export data makes sense for those who are interested in understanding and learning the pattern of international trade of Canada. Those who love to know the trade of this country the figures of import and export make it possible to know the trading style of this country. This is one of the developed countries where it has less reliance on agriculture and technology and its support services are larger contributor to the economy of it. 

Exports of Canada:

The main export partner of Canada in international trade is USA only. It supplies different breeds of horses to different states of USA. The primary mode of transport to USA is by road as both countries share borders. Hence it can prove as the cheapest option of international trade for the importer as well as the exporter. The horse lovers of USA prefer the breeds from this country only. 

Imports of Canada:  

If the imports of Canada are checked there are various countries from where the materials are imported. Among these countries the primary trade partner is USA and various products which are imported include horses, their food and other supplies. There are various states of USA from where these materials are imported by road. 

This country shares its border with one of the leading developed country known as USA and hence the trade relations with it are highly coordinated. The country prefer to have more of its imports from the segment of raw materials for its processing houses where more processes are done to them to have finished goods that are sold in local as well as global market as a part of its export. The main part of its export is technical products while main products imported are agricultural and its related products. Though for this country the primary option for import and export trade is by air route many of them are also provided via sea route. The air route has more cost involved which can lead the export to an unfavourable condition and hence majority of the exporters prefer to have the same by nearest sea route only. The exporters here are provided with good platform by the government and other trade unions as well as associations. 

Due to the increasing demand of various products the balance of payment situation is much in favour of this country and another favourable point for the same is its strong currency in comparison to many other developed as well as developing countries. 

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