A competitive market place always leads to some dubious way of advertisement. Some have false information relating to the products or services they are selling. This can be a way of inducing customers to buy things they may not want or even paying higher prices to acquire the products. Any company that uses false advertising to lure customers into purchasing their products may be doing so against the law. And as such, they are supposed to face the law and compensated the injured customers. The customers who rely on such information have a right to sue the company under federal or state law. If you believe a certain company has advertised for something that is not true, you need to take action to protect your rights and that of others.

What is False Advertising?
False advertisement involves broadcasting or publishing an ad that is misleading or untrue with the intention of promoting a product or a service. The information may be passed on recklessly or knowingly. This is to ensure that an average customer gets to act in a way that they would otherwise not have acted would they have known the truth. Also, advertising may be considered to be false if the chance for the customer to make an informed decision has been left out. Federal and state advertisement laws prohibit false advertisement. An advertisement may take many forms such as:

  • Websites
  • Television
  • Products labels or packaging
  • Press advertisements such as in magazines or newspaper
  • Catalogues
  • Billboards

Any ad that can harm consumers can be considered to be misleading or false. The state law prohibits consumers from using misleading advertisements when selling their products or services. Meaning, a company shouldn’t use any language that may misinform its customers. That’s why consumer protection laws came into force. Most of the consumers who are misguided by such companies always seek to file a lawsuit with the help of class action attorneys in Los Angeles. If you believe in having suffered from a false advertisement as a group, you can also decide to hire a class action attorney to fight for your rights. False advertisement lawsuits are mostly brought up as class actions. This is because they involve large numbers of consumers who have suffered the same damages from a single company.

Examples Of False Advertisement
Companies use many techniques to make sure consumers buy their products and services. Most of these schemes used are illegal according to the consumer protection law. Such companies may be liable for the losses suffered by consumers as a result of relying on false information. The below types of advertisements violates consumer protection laws since they engage in unfair business practices. They include:

  1. Misleading claims: This can consist of misleading wordings such as “natural” products. Another example may relate to the environmental issues where the company claims that a product is recyclable. If the information is accurate, it must be backed up by evidence.
  2. Use of fillers: A product may have fillers that may increase its normal weight
    Misleading illustration: A product may be represented by a picture that shows it is bigger than its actual size.
  3. Use of color: A different color can be added to a product such as fruits to make them look riper or fresher than they are.
  4. Bail and switch: This is where a company advertises one product but has a substitute that is sold at a higher price. They may claim that the main product is out of stock. This is done to entice customers, especially when they claim to offer the product at a lower price but have no intention of selling the item.
  5. Concealed fees: These fees may not be reflected in the specified price tag of a product. For instance, a company may have pre-delivery review charges for a new vehicle. Any other advertisement that doesn’t provide the accurate product cost or provides it confusingly may be illegal.

You Can File A Misleading Advertisement Lawsuit
Have you relied on any of the above advertisement, which later turned out to be false? You have a right to file a claim and get compensation for the damages caused by the deceptive marketing practices. If you have been harmed as a group of consumers, you can decide to file a class-action lawsuit by looking for experienced class action attorneys. Every consumer has a right to an accurate and fair advertisement to enable them to makes a sound decision. This will allow you to obtain compensation faster compared to when you can file as a single claim. This is because you may not be able to justify a single suit alone compared to when you would be in a group. These attorneys hold the companies accountable for their deeds and ensure consumers get their money back. More to this, the companies are forced to modify their advertising. With this, no company can dare continue with its deceptive practices.