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Couples who are planning for the pregnancy should keep in mind some of the following Intrauterine insemination (IUI) success tips to enhance their possibilities of pregnancy. The “Success rates will depend on the factors such as the age of every couple, tubal patency and sperm count. 

Even though there are no benefits with these tips you can utilize the iui treatment in chennai which is one of the best things you can do to enhance the success rate. Intrauterine insemination also called artificial insemination, it remains the primary step for various infertility patients, lesbian couples and single women. So, in this article, you know about what couples can do to enhance their odds of becoming pregnant by an IUI?

Before that, you need to know that IUI is the primary thing against infertility, particularly for a male who had poor sperm status and for a female with unexplained, cervical part infertility and endometriosis-related. So that was shocking to determine that its high rate is extremely low. The procedure remains only slightly further to support you to get pregnant rather than attempting to conceive normally. 

Some of the tips to follow are:

The time should be followed during male ejaculation:

Men should refrain from ejaculation at least 3 days before for each IUI procedure. That will improve the semen to get a better sperm count which keeps the successful IUI procedure. Make sure to don’t abstain from more than 6 days as that can adversely influence the pregnancy chances.

Make sure to avoid stress works:

Sometimes the high stress and pressure reduce the chances of conceiving. “This IUI procedure may require frequent appointments to the clinic to keep checkups every time. “The scans must be taken for 5 minutes every time in your routine life to monitor everything that happens inside. “”You should visit the hospital early if you do not want that to interfere by the rest of the day. “Also you should stay aside for 2 hours during the IUI treatment.

Take a healthy diet and do regular exercises:

“Include some of the healthy fertility-boosting foods that include antioxidants, dairy, fiber, iron, and protein in the daily diet and also take up exercises like regular walks and yoga. Avoid the foods which are packed with sugary foods also do strenuous workouts.

Those can change to lead to immediate results but it is best to practice and follow healthy pregnancy food.

Discuss the requirement for hormonal help:

Your doctor will produce the advice trigger reports that excite the ovaries also make to get a good result within 2-3 eggs during the IUI method. Are you facing PCOD and endometriosis, then you need hormonal care post-IUI too. This hormonal support does require to increase your possibilities of pregnancy.

Re-evaluate IUI after 3 trials:

The possibilities of conceiving will be getting with each trial IUI progress, but the couple should understand when to pause and reconsider. If you are not able to consider after 3 IUI, the doctor will suggest you come for further tests. These tests decide whether you need to continue with these IUI or not or else go for IVF procedure.

Most of the doctors will suggest being happy and do something that gives you satisfaction and happiness. When couples think of becoming parents, then their life should be reflected with the happiness of getting a child. That is sure that emotions will enhance the success scale of becoming pregnant. These are some of the tips to keep your  IUI Success rate high naturally. Make sure to follow these to avoid the dangerous things from the treatment that you have taken. You can also utilize the in vitro fertilization in chennai that procedure will be useful for better pregnancy. 

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