The world of education is undoubtedly racing at no man’s speed. Merely school level/college level prescribed examinations are not enough for ambitious students; for students who aim to reach particular goals. Such students have to appear for competitive examinations in order to pursue further studies in the field of their choice. To name some competitive examinations, we have AIIMS, NEET, GATE, JEE and so on.

Students who wish to score excellently in competitive exams have to inevitably go through a long-term phase of preparation in order to achieve the same. Now, this preparatory phase must be well-planned and then as a next step, well-executed. There is no evident way to escape. Target test prep reviews suggest the following:

  1. The first and the most basic step towards preparation has to be ‘planning’. One needs to prepare a full-fledged study schedule assigning a fixed number of hours to each subject/topic according to one’s strengths and weaknesses. The obvious step that follows this pre-planning step is to ‘invariably abide by it’ and remain consistent in one’s approach. As difficult as this may sound, it is not so once the student gets accustomed to this planned way after having practised it for quite a while. When this happens, the student automatically starts giving short term targets to himself in terms of course completion.
  2. Another useful tip when it comes to competitive exam preparation is ‘self-rewarding’. It may be possible and perhaps natural for a student to feel overly worked out and drained. On such occasions, the student should try self-rewarding. This self-reward could be anything that he particularly adores in terms of eating or anything in general. For example, treating oneself to one’s favourite ice cream flavour only on completion of a particular topic can work as tempting to achieve both the goals – the ice cream and the topic completion.
  3. Post preparatory phase follows the self-testing phase. This is essentially the phase where the student takes up tests to check his/her progress and also to get accustomed to taking tests so that the final test does not feel brand new. Mock tests and sample tests are something that students should take up. Also, Target test prep coupon codes are available online that provide discounts on online tests.

Various other little helpful tips include:

  • Training the mind to not give up hope.
  • Taking little interactive breaks in between.
  • Studying in a clean and conducive environment equipped with all the necessities in order to avoid distraction.
  • Learning from mistakes.
  • Staying hydrated.