As families grow nuclear and away from each other, technology has held its ground and brought each one together. Through cellphones and video calls, one has been in touch with another at all times of the day, no matter the distance. Individuals of all ages have been adapting to such changes now.

The rise of technology has also opened doors for avenues like healthcare. Ordering medicines, booking lab tests, requesting for an online doctor consultation is now possible and extremely easy to use. Some questions do surround the concept of having medical help available online. But the article will answer all that and more. 

Uses of Online Doctor Video Consultations

Consultation for Non-Emergency Cases

Medical problems can arise at any point in time. Problems with symptoms which are easily visible and detectable can be communicated through an online doctor chat or any online video doctor consultation. All consultations do not require the patient to be physically present.

In cases where the patient cannot move easily, is extremely old or doesn’t have a conveyance of their own, online doctor consultations are key. If the patient requires any diagnostic tests, the doctor can share a prescription over phone or email requesting the same.

Recently, many patients are opting for online consultations for coronavirus related symptoms. With the lockdown and easy transmission of the diseases, patients are requesting to speak with a doctor online.

Some other non-emergency cases include

  • Fever
  • Allergies
  • Diarrhoea
  • Food poisoning
  • Weakness
  • Cold and cough

Follow Up

Follow up through online video doctor consultation is quick and efficient. One can share the reports through email and talk to the doctor at the time of their choosing. All from the comfort of their home.

If the doctor recommends any medications, they are within reach, with the help of telemedicine. Many online websites provide the provision of uploading the prescription and buying medications online, with 1 to 2 day delivery time.

Situations, where follow up, is required are

  • Pregnancy follow up
  • Follow up after medicine course completion
  • Follow up after getting diagnostic tests
  • Regular follow up for chronic disorders

Second Opinion

There can be times when one is not satisfied with their doctor’s medical judgment and want to seek help elsewhere. Online doctor consultation for a second opinion is a good option. A second opinion allows one to be sure and satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment plans advised by the doctor.

Also, online consultations for second opinions can be lighter on the pocket.

Rehabilitation and Guidance

In situations where there is a lockdown or lack of access to healthcare facilities, online video consultations play a greater role. With video consultations, doctors can guide their patients through physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Doctors can also help train family members at home on how to take care of those who are unwell.

Online consultations are also extremely beneficial in cases where patients seek guidance from their doctors, whether it is lifestyle-related or diet, exercising, nutrition or generalised wellbeing.

Video consultations give the ability to doctors to give time, speak to their patients, analyse their symptoms, listen to their queries and questions and engage with them regarding the diagnosis and treatment plan. Focused care is delivered by doctors while being far away from their patients. From speaking to psychologists to following up with your gynaecologist or your child’s paediatrician, online video doctor consultations have the ability to support it all.