Bangkok is an amazing and vast city in Thailand with multiple different areas and many things to offer, from the vibrant nightlife, delicious street food, high class shopping to incredible temples, shrines, ancient monuments and historical areas that will help you to know and feel unique vibes of this city. The city of Angels is renowned with the sleek urban properties and luxurious accommodations, while it is flush in a broad range of neighborhood and style. Therefore, if its majestic cities are rich in shopping malls and food option, then it also flourished with the iconic Cheap Hotels In Bangkok. Without any doubt, there is no dull moment. In fact, from the historical villages to the legendary backpacker’s heaven and the traditional charms will ensure the visitor to come here and stay with excitement from beginning to the end.

Bangkok has unlimited of hotels, even in all price ranges. Yes, because almost 300 hotels this city offers to choose according your budget and style. In fact, with fierce competition is generally keeping prices down from boutiques to the luxurious suits or five star hotels. In this article, the best affordable hotels are listed here; you can select any one for staying during Bangkok trip.

  1. St Regis Bangkok Hotel:

St. Regis hotel is one of the best and the luxe hotels in the Bangkok. This hotel is having the high level services, well furnished rooms with balconies opportunity and seemingly dining options. In fact, it is fame around the globe due to its afternoon tea and the fantastic facilities, including, free Wifi, swimming pool, Spa room, Gym and the transport facility from the international airport to the hotel. This is not just for the tourists, while it is perfect for the business man because there is special room are also available for the deals.

  1. Chakrabongse Villas Or Hotel:

The Chakrabongse has the dynamic history and design and it was built in 1908 for the Prince Chkrabonge on the riverside. Now, this villa is owned by the granddaughter of the Prince. It has only seven rooms that are turned into the stylish boutique hotel or villa. This is used to facilitate the guests who want to stay there with family and spend some days there along the green gardens, pool and Thai restaurant. If you want to know about the royal family, then must stay there and the hiring rate is very low.

  1. The Siam Hotel:

The Siam is the most famous and the unique accommodation in the diverse city. This hotel has the most luxurious and the royal services to its high profile guests and always ready to welcome the guests and facilitate them according the demands. As the guest, you can join the Gym to the body fitness and no day gab comes during your fitness, spa version is also available for you and the multiple restaurant and the bars also contribute in the illustration of this hotel. The each room has the private pool and the balconies, which makes your surrounding breathtaking and the spectacular view. In fact, the tattoo parlor also marks on your hands that always reminding you the journey of the Bangkok and stay in the Siam villa.

  1. The Grand Hyatt Erawan:

The opulent five starswith the glittery trimmings is the Grand Hyatt Erawan and it is situated in the center of the city because of it, it surrounded with the shopping malls and the shrine of the Hindus God “Erawan”. Both are the used as the famous attractions. This luxurious hotel is built upon the spa, swimming pool, restaurant, bars, gym and many other facilities. The guests also enjoy the vibrant night life in the hotel’s night club and collect the incredible images for the long life memories. There is no competition in the city for the Grand Hyatt even in the deals, prices and the services.

  1. Avani Riverside Hotel:

The modern and futuristic building hotel is caters the millions of travelers as the guests who come to the Bangkok to visit its beauty. This hotel charges them the reasonable fares, while offering the phenomenal rooms along the free internet facility. The rooftop restaurant and the bar also make your day or night full of the thrill on the music waves. All the amenities you can enjoy there, those are loaded in the luxurious one hotel. In fact, the riverside front allows you to spend time along the some cool breeze and the water, which is ready to hear your stories and give you the picturesque scenes that can capture in the camera.

  1. Mandarin Oriental:

The Mandarin Oriental is considered the historic hotel because from the 140 years, it has been catering or giving services to the guests. This spectacular surrounding accommodation is lavish organized along the tea lounge, while you have no need to spend money on the internet because it will provide the guests free Wi-fi, spa center for the relaxing and the different restaurant that offers the almost world famous cuisines there to enhance your taste buds flavor. According to the top notch services, it is cheap and never be compromised with the services and facilitate the guest even with the Online Hotels Booking, you can reserve this best one in the advance through the web reservation and achieve the chance to stay there.

  1. The Cabochon Hotel:

Are you finding the best and the low rate hotel in the Bangkok? So, there are multiple hotels, but you the most affordable range meet to the Cabochon Hotel. The colonial style towering with the white balconies and the lush green foliage is welcoming the guest with open arms. The rooms are decked out in vintage furnishing. The small, but the closer to tradition make you able to feel the each second and get taste the real sense and the ascent of this city. So, this city facilitates you with the touristic attraction and a lot you the staying place too, when you are tired with the full day out and carrying the shopping bags, then you return to the hotel and take rest for the next entertainments and fun activities.