It is the responsibility of every car owner to ensure that his vehicle stays in good working conditions on the roads. After all, any kind of neglect towards the vehicle can lead to sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs later.  It is essential that you take your car to a car service station for regular services and feel responsible for its maintenance. As they say, a stitch in time saves nine. Well, that holds absolutely true for any vehicle.

10 Question For Car Service:

1. If my car is under warranty, can I get it for free at the dealership?

Yes, absolutely! You can avail of free services at the car service center within the time period of the warranty.

2. What if you take the car to another dealership?

While you have the freedom to take your car to any dealer for car service, it is highly recommended that you take the vehicle to the designated dealer until the warranty period lasts. However, going to another dealer doesn’t mean that you lose the warranty as the warranties are regulated under the federal laws for the protection of consumers.

3. When is the oil to be changed?

The oil should be changed after running every 3000 miles. However, one should go through their owner’s manual to know the precise figures that are recommended and follow those for car services.

4. Can I consider synthetic motor oil in my vehicle?

Synthetic motor oils are suitable for vehicles used for towing and for turbocharged engines or for those vehicles that are driven in extreme climates. Synthetic motor oils are more expensive but can provide better fuel economy and more extended time periods between oil changes.

5. When to replace the spark plugs and fuel filters?

Consult the owner’s manual for car services and follow those guidelines. As a general rule, the fuel filter and spark plugs are to be replaced after every 30,000 miles for expecting a trouble-free performance from the vehicle.

6. How often should I change the tires?

Different cars have different types of tires, and a lot would rely on how often you drive your car and on what kind of road conditions. Typically, the tires should be rotated every 6000 miles.

7. My car often overheats. What to do?

If you find overheating in your car, do not take it lightly as it could indicate a serious problem. Take your vehicle for car servicing immediate as ignoring the issue could lead to engine damage. Shut off the engine and do not attempt to inspect anything in the car. It is best to call car service technicians.

8. Can I perform basic car service at home?

Sure, you can, but you need to have the basic knowledge about your car model, its parts, and how they work. It will be a mistake to attempt anything if you are not very sure. You can change the engine oil, replace the filters, and change the spark plugs. It is best to go to the dealer for any complicated repairs and service needs.

9. How to know that my car needs immediate car service?

If you see the average performance of your vehicle going down, like the mileage is decreasing or the engine is running rough, it means that the vehicle needs a tune-up. Take your vehicle to one of the best car service centres in your area.

10. What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance means regular maintenance of your car at a car service station. Regular car services keep your vehicle away from any potential problems and make it safer and more efficient on the roads. Now you can drive your car with full confidence that it would give you no problem on the road.