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Semiconductors and other types of imported electrical circuits are an essential requirement for any type of electrical device. Designing, building and even testing semiconductors is a specified field of study which is taught to electrical and mechanical engineers. Students and working professionals who are already working within the semiconductor field required training and expertise to improve their level of knowledge. Both theoretical and practical skills are needed for entering as well as surviving in this field of study or industry. There are specialized companies and institutions engaged in providing Technical as well as theoretical knowledge and skills which can help individuals in gaining knowledge in the semiconductor field.

Golden Light VLSI Private Limited is one such company that provides postgraduate VLSI design verification and testing courses that students and working professionals can take up to gain expertise in the semiconductor field. They are provided with the necessary knowledge and skills which can help improve their knowledge base for designing as well as testing semiconductors and other types of semiconductors needed by various companies. Design verification and testing courses help equip students and working professionals with the knowledge to create specific types of semiconductors and embedded circuits that can be used by companies according to their needs and preferences.

The development of a particular design and testing the same according to clients’ needs is one of the most important tasks which mechanical, as well as electrical engineers, have to perform. Design verification engineering post-graduation diploma allows individuals to gain knowledge as well as skill in performing designing as well as testing processes with skill and expertise. Graduates are given both basic as well as intermediate knowledge in VLSI designs and testing processes. The course equips an individual to pursue a long-term career in the ASIC design and testing process. Designs created as well as conductors built can be professionally tested according to the client’s needs and industrial demands.

Electrical engineering graduates are provided with various services under the post-graduation diploma course. Some of these services include the following:

  • Live training sessions and videos are provided which allows an individual to get the necessary knowledge and skill from anywhere through the use of their smart devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Provision of necessary online study material that can be accessed for easy learning and gaining of theoretical knowledge.
  • Regular revision of tests and assignments which makes individuals proficient In the learning, designing and testing process.
  • Technical support and guidance are provided through online and off-line means which helps students to get a resolution for their queries and any type of problems.
  • Regular online discussions are even held regarding new trends in the semiconductor or integrated circuits field needed to take up better-paying jobs in professional companies. Students are provided with the necessary knowledge so that they can match the level of needs of the industry.

All the necessary solutions and services are provided by a team of skilled designers and experts who are proficient in providing necessary knowledge. Internships are also provided which helps students in gaining industrial knowledge. Students are made proficient with the testing and verification in VLSI design process through the use of PG diploma courses available at affordable prices.

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