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Warehouse problems

When you own a warehouse you would identify that operations and management is much difficult. Just attaining isn’t the job. Managing a warehouse can be cumbersome and requires lots of coordination and team work. You could just be wasting time in looking for products if you don’t have the correct management team. Managing a warehouse is a combination of efficient team along with good structure. Without infrastructure, no matter how efficient your team works, it could bring down your efficiency.

The warehouse is a huge area running up to millions of sq. ft. For industrial or consumer products, the problems remain the same. Good warehouse management team keeps the work flowing along keeping track of incoming and out-flowing of stock. Keeping the operations smooth, company has to rely on a good supply chain in order to track any shortages or excess of stock.

Warehouse faces a number of problems. Identifying and rectifying can lead them to achieve higher profits.

Warehouse inventory accuracy

Warehouse is meant for tons of inventory, irrespective of the good. This is the most common yet challenging jobs of any warehouse. Having inaccurate counts of the inventory is not uncommon. With human errors this count rises. Add on inventory or order pickup or mistake in initial count can all add on the mistake. Over a period of time, these errors rise leaving you puzzled with the right number. Thus you can strategize to eliminate this error.

Intensive training of every worker at the warehouse helps provide accuracy.Irrespective of the job level, train the employees of how the warehouse system operates.

To eliminate clutter and messy aisles, enforce a strict housekeeping regime. A strict regime of the housekeeping department will make sure the warehouse is kempt. When the dock unloads they can check the overfilled pallets and make sure the place is tidy before the next shift begins.

Choose a simple inventory system that works for your company. When the system is workable, the workers will understand easily and in a much better way.

Keep the counts in very short intervals, so that if there are any mistakes earlier it can be rectified. It will lead to more accurate results. If there is any discrepancy, it can raise a red flag and you can check the activity in between these intervals.

Eliminate paper work and switch to software applications. This will help serve day to day activities in a better way. Digital information will eliminate the tedious paper work leaving you time to look after productive activities.

Efficient layout design

Warehouse layout is essential. Though it’s a destination to secure all the goods, it still needs to be organized well. A specific design that suits the operation keeping the work flow easy and hassle free has to be followed. Forklift operators often make multiple visits during the day to the warehouse. Still they are seen spending maximum time in looking for product.

Based on the accessibility of the product or nature of the product the warehouse can be designed. Customized warehousing services in Hyderabad, India opt for placing the heavy or space occupying products towards the end as it will restrict the entry and visibility of small boxes. Another way of organizing is to keep popular items easily accessible to eliminate travel too far. Forklifts can easily access these items.

Reconsider storing facility ideas. Usage of racks will make the warehouse more organized. Drive in racking, powered mobile ranking, double deep ranking are dew ranking styles which will make the work efficient.

Forklift operator scan switch to use of radio frequency in case of complex products to provide accurate data and product delivery.

Delay in inventory identification and pickup

Every minute you spend on inventory count will add up every day. With major operating cost already, this will increase it all the more. When inventory is not organized it will take longer to locate the product and items being delayed in shipment, which will increase the operating cost.

To eliminate this, best industrial parks in Hyderabad, India focus on creating bar codes so that forklift operators can efficiently access the inventory without any human errors. It also helps you track the inventory which will eliminate any risk of discrepancies in stock count. Using the handheld scanners, stockist can ensure the right product is being picked.

Picking is another field where majority of the time is consumed. A sequenced pick up order will give a picking list to the employee each time he visits the warehouse. With planned sequence order list, the employee will pick up items required in the way it has been placed. This will bring down the labour time and cost.

Shortage of space

Space is the most essential factor in case of warehouse facility. Thus you need to make sure to organize in such a way that you make money out of every inch of the square foot. To stay competitive, you need to have stock of every possible product that would generate revenue. Space constraint can be one of the problems you face. It is restricting your ability to store additional items.

Narrow aisle equipment will give you more space to store extra products. Multi directional forklifts and narrow aisle reach trucks can raise your storage capacity by 40%.

Warehouse is the most essential part of your company. It can seem simple task but can become complex when not organized well. In order to make the most of the area, you could even check with a professional warehouse management company for site evaluation. They will also give professional recommendations that will increase the utilization of the storage space.

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