The first day on the job can be very overwhelming. Most of the times the new employee gets a small list of traditional workplace rules and regulations before being swept away for a brief introduction in all the departments. This leads to a lot of miscommunication in the company.

A work culture becomes toxic because of a lack of leadership in the company. Shahnaz Broucek, a professor at University of Michigan said,

Leadership sets the tone of the workplace culture and acceptable behavior patterns. Conflict avoidance, chronic stress and office politics can lead distracted leaders to unconsciously allow negative behaviors like bullying to poison the well.

A toxic culture takes a great toll on the overall productivity as employees are always stressed and there is low morale at work. The following article helps to create a better understanding of the term “toxic culture” and how to eliminate it.

Reasons for a toxic workplace environment and ways to tackle them

Toxicity in a workplace I more than just dissatisfied employees and legal issues, it is about what is right and wrong.

On that note following are some of the reasons behind a toxic workplace environment and ways to eliminate them.

1. High-stress levels

There are a lot of jobs that carry more stress than usual e.g. an ER doctor certainly faces a higher level of stress as compared to a janitor. It is the job of the leader to pay close attention to its employees and help them with ways to manage stress. A stressed employee tends to lose energy more quickly which in turn affects his productivity.

High-stress levels can also cause mental issues like depression, fatigue, and mistakes at work. When it comes to managing stress, the most important aspect is to understand your employees. Try to get to know him from the beginning. Make notes on his performance, demeanor and other qualities and keep a check throughout the employment. This will help you in taking early action and encourage the worker.

2. Lack of communication

What matters in a company is whether the information is getting around and all the employees have the information they need to get the job done. Poor communication at a workplace it very harmful for the business owner. In any business, internal and external communication is essential for high productivity and a low turn-over rate.

If your company has a toxic culture and the employees are not comfortable with working with each other, it will have greatly affect your company’s performance in the industry. That is why companies hire institutes offering professional corporate training in Dubai to make sure their employees are fully trained in team-building and leadership. Professional trainers highlight areas of development in communication and strengthen those lose ties between employees and management.

Another reason behind toxic culture is that information usually flows one-way in companies i.e. from higher-ups to the employees. Employees are afraid to voice their opinions which creates a lot of misunderstanding in the company.

3. Lack of leadership and management

As discussed above one of the foremost reasons behind a toxic culture in a workplace is incompetent leadership and management. Office culture does not become toxic within a few days, just because of a few employees. Leadership plays a major role in a workplace environment. It turns toxic because the leader either didn’t notice it or it went so out of control that he decided to ignore it.

A leader should not be afraid to take responsibility for his actions instead of putting all the blame on another employee. Listen to the workers’ problems with compassion and never minimize an employee’s concern and issue. Get everyone on board so they feel valued and respected. This way a leader can boost confidence and create a good climate in the company.

4. Low team morale

A toxic environment does not only mean a workplace environment where there are always arguments and mistakes. A company’s environment turns bad once the employees become stagnant and only count their working hours before getting off. This leads to low morale among the employees marked by no team spirit.

To boost morale at the workplace, employees should be motivated towards contributing all their best to the company. They should know that they are the best assets of the company. Another way to boost morale is to hold regular events in the company where all the employees can take part in. Hold a company gathering once a week where employees can get a chance to communicate with each other and develop a bond.

5. Company culture

One of the most common mistakes made by the employer is that they often confuse voluntary working hard with overworked. It is great when an employee volunteers to work overtime for the company at his own free will but there should be a fine line between hard work and overwork. Make sure your employee does not take work home as he will only resent you behind your back.

To mitigate this take a proactive approach to ensure that employees have maintained a balance between work and life, and they are satisfied with their work. Company culture includes business ethics, people, environment and practices. Make sure your company culture revolves around social responsibility and sustainability.

Benefits of corporate training

To ensure that your company is moving in the right direction, it is important to identify toxic work symptoms before they get out of hand. As your company grows, more and more employees with different personalities are involved and you could end up having potential issues. Take a proactive approach to productivity management and talk to your employees.

Learning is part of our lives which never stops no matter our position. Top business giants in the Gulf have invested a lot in getting their employees trained from professional centers offering soft skills training. When professionals can speak to their company about right and wrong with enough confidence, know that your business is on the right path.

Create a better workplace-environment to attract and retain employees as well as improve public image.

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