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As the title suggests, let’s discuss how web designing has become an important aspect of any startup. In recent times, the online presence of the company is as much a determinant of its merit as it’s span over the market. On the other hand, the number of startups that are on the rise each day has also scaled exponentially over time. So the question posed here is how does one grasp hold of a reputation and increase brand awareness through the available resources. Most of the startups lack the experience that is required for effective web designing and development. In such scenarios, it is important to lean user experience. Lean UX helps everyone create streamlined and visitor-centric web offerings that accommodate the elements that visitors demand today.

Web designing can change the landscape of a small startup

Everyone has come across some examples of successful UI/UX and product design in some startups, tech and digital product companies but the mishaps endured by the market that lead to the big projects are far lesser known amongst the common public. Web designer and engineers in any startup have to face several challenges from the very beginning. All the firms may not have steadfast investors or million-dollar staked with the founders. Aside from that, it also very important to have scalability and efficient products. With an effective web design and development team that is able to market your product or service effectively the initial stages of the necessary and urgent productivity.

Role of Lean UX in maximizing productivity and profitability

It is of utmost importance to understand what a lean UX and startup signify in order to then continue on to learn about its role in the company’s minimizing waste and increasing profit. This process is either called a lean or an agile UX because it involves pinpointing and focusing on the “value” while eliminating unnecessary or unwanted steps or items. This is more inclined on deliverables rather than any traditional UX and requires a greater level of collaboration with the entire team. The core objective is to shift the focal point on obtaining feedback as soon as possible so that it can be used to make quick decisions by using the data in rapid iterative cycles. Thus it is said to be different in a manner that you are looking to make changes that improve the product here and now, essentially to mould a better outcome. 

A startup needs to work harder and eliminate uncertainty

Since the startup life is quite chaotic, typically one person has to wear multiple hats and play several roles so as to navigate their product to success. Although not entirely, eliminating uncertainty to the maximum extent can create a build-measure-learn loop. In the culture of hustle-till-you-make-it, people working in startups have to have certain measures extremely controlled in order to launch a successful project. Everything boils down to measuring the impact of the product once its out in the market, learning from it and improving the strategy accordingly. Certain tools like business model canvas or value proposition canvas helps in estimating the risks and mitigating responsibilities in order to deal with them. Web designing requires people to work smarter and ask pertaining questions like ‘should we build this product’ rather than ‘can we’. 

Finally, create an online presence for your MVP

The crux of web designing in a startup through lean UX is making the minimum viable product and digitally marketing it in an effective way. The MVP has to be glorified in every possible sense as it is the star player for the startup. Those that show promise can be incorporated into the startup through further design and development. Such ways can always help a startup to maximize their resources.

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