We all know the significance of initial introductions, yet in the web based business space, they convey more weight than you may might suspect.

They have to, when the modern online shopper has limited time, a short attention span, and endless retail options available to them while they’re scrolling through the web.

That presents a major challenge for ecommerce store owners: how might you depict your business, convey your worth prop, and guarantee the client feels certain and drew in, all in a fraction of a second?

But homepage and web design aren’t easy.

Homepages Are More Than First Impressions

While that 50 millisecond detail may have caused a commotion, it’s basic information that your landing page goes about as your online store’s initial introduction.

And while that’s true, some mistakenly conclude that all a homepage really needs to do is look aesthetically pleasing. But the homepage’s role is much more than a glorified welcome mat.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Homepage

  1. Confident customers.
  2. Optimal CX (customer experience).
  3. More conversions.
  4. Brand recognition.

Factors That Influence Your Homepage Design

  1. Color schemes.
  2. Call-to-actions.
  3. Value propositions.
  4. Site speed.