New parents and to be parents are supposed to be excited and be filled with the joy of new comer’s arrival. Though, we new parents often find ourselves filled with anxiety and worry about how to care for the baby. How are we going to feed? How to clothe them? How will they carry the child? What are the best measures for their growth, etc? Well, it is not so difficult and bothersome, if you have a little bit of help. Pick the best of the necessities available along with the complete information on their know-how. I have cumulated this baby care guide for the new parents. You can find all sorts of maternity books out there. At the same time, you need a guide to find the best of the best in the market too. Let’s get to it then. Drop-in your comments, let me know if I was even a bit helpful?


Initials to Baby Care


Baby Care involves all the aspects of Food, Clothing, Resting. But, you are not living in the stone age, and you need other stuff too like carriers to carry your baby, their toys, appropriate security measurements too. The initials of Baby Care defines it; C = Clothes, A = Accessories, R = Resting, E = Eating. Some of the utilities are of utmost necessary, some are to be chosen if you need them. Some are to bring that stylish touch to your baby and your complete family picture. Some are necessary in urgent cases only. Plan carefully what you need, Baby Products are often left unused and not needed as babies grow too fast. Make sure whatever you pick is the need of the hour or securing the future.




Babies can’t eat just about anything. Newborns are required to feed on their mother’s milk unless they reach a minimum of 3-4 months. After this, you require to feed them baby formulae. These baby formulas are somewhere equivalent to cow’s milk on nutrient and heaviness bases. Heavier food material is difficult for babies to digest. Some babies are even lactose intolerant. Choose carefully which baby formula to pick. Enfamil and Similac are the most famous and good brands in the market. Check their prices, nutrients, and variant before buying them. Make sure that the baby formula has a good amount of DHA, ARA, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, and organic ingredients.




If your baby is not wearing comfy and warm clothes they are going to be cranky. Rashes, textile irritations, allergies are so often if you are not clothing your bub inappropriate apparels. You may see cute baby pictures on Pinterest wearing all the suits and dresses like us and posing smartly. But, those clothes are not for regular and permanent clothing. Pick comfortable, easy on the skin, soft and airy clothes for your kids. You can wear more layers and take them off if you feel the change in temperature. Your babies can’t. Make sure you keep an eye if they are getting cranky and irritated by the clothes. Change accordingly.




A part of clothing and yet a 100% necessity is the perfect diaper for your little bub. Pampers and Huggies, are the biggest brands in the market. Pick the one based on your baby’s size. They must be airy, good drying capacity and must be changed regularly. Wet diapers for long hours would cause rashes all over the butts of your baby. These rashes cause more damage than one can imagine. Bathe your babies, dry them well, and put on diapers correctly. Don’t let them be in a sea of stinging rash.




Your bub can’t sleep on your hard mattress bed. Nor they can sit on normal chairs. The fear of their slipping and falling is too much. Their bones are not that well built. Sitting and resting at any place is not feasible for them. You need proper furniture for your baby. You need cribs, crib mattresses. Pick a cradle for your baby if they like a little swing while they sleep. A nice changing table will be even convenient for you while you are on a never-ending race of changing the diaper before they pee again. Install baby monitors to keep close eyes on your baby while they are sleeping in the adjacent rooms.


Play Things


What is a house with a baby but not a truckload of toys? From small dolls to trucks and trains, they love it all. Install a big baby gate play yard. Keep them away from the fireplace, or the TV area and be in a bit confined space with their toys. These play yards can stand in the lawn while your bub is busy nurturing his/her gardening skills. If you got a hell of a crawler, it is better to install baby gates on stairs, on the porch, and near the fireplace. Baby Gate with Pet Door is a good option to keep your babies away from living areas while allowing your cat to easily pass through.


Car Seats & Accessories


Carrying your baby in the car or driving to the nearby Walmart store be a little difficult. Install a nice car seat in the back seat. Baby Trend and Graco are some of the big names when it comes to good quality and comfortable baby car seats, prams, and baby jogging strollers. Add on a good humidifier at home and in the car for your baby’s comfort.