The number of cases of people infected with corona virus, officially named COVID-19, continues to increase. The social alarm generated by the corona virus has caused mask sales to skyrocket and the WHO has alerted to the “chronic shortage of personal protective equipment ” against this disease, as indicated by the organization’s director general last February 7 at a press conference. In this sense, the WHO has also highlighted the inappropriate use of protective masks, since they are a priority use of health personnel who treat patients and possible research cases. “The world reserves of face masks and respirators are insufficient for the demand of the WHO and its partners,” he concluded.

Face Masks uk

The N95 respirator

The face mask n95 uk respirators happens to be a vital part of infection control in healthcare scenarios. Not like surgical masks, respirators use to be precisely designed to deliver respiratory protection by generating a tight seal in contradiction of the skin and not letting airborne particles such as viruses to pass through. The N95 designation designates that the respirator filters as a minimum 95% of the particles set up in the air.

The usage of Face Masks uk happens not to be recommended since they do not offer acceptable protection, these masks use to be a protection barrier for large size drops and happens not to be operative to filter small drops and particles from the air, nor prevent their entry around the mask at the time the person who makes use of it inhales, so they must not be used in places where a patient is.