Nowadays everyone knows SEO. You also want to appear on the first page in different search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, etc. But for some reason, companies are not listed at the top of the search engines. According to Google, it has released new updates every month.

As far as you know, SEO is the process or technique to increase the quality of potential customers, traffic and sales. It also increases the visibility of a website in various search engines.

SEO is an unpaid process that is also called “natural” or “organic” techniques. Search engine optimization includes different types of searches, such as images, video, normal search, news and intelligent search in the industry. Optimization means optimizing the website in various ways, such as editing your content, adding additional content, HTML update, inserting keywords, optimizing images, URL optimization and other things. After optimization a website that promotes in different ways and increases the number of backlinks.

Another is the local search engine optimization, also called local SEO, which is the best technique to focus on optimizing a company. With the help of SEO on the website, all the URLs of the web pages are displayed in different search engines. when a user searches for keywords when searching for products or services locally.

From there, several search engines such as the website of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. They can be easily ranked by the search engine using SEO. There is a process to perform this process. The user will submit their website in webmaster. After submitting the URL, search engine crawlers visit these pages through their algorithm.

There are their types of SEO

1. White Hat SEO

2. Black Hat SEO

3. Gray Hat SEO

As per the technique, there are two types of SEO techniques

1. On-Page Optimization

2. Off-Page Optimization

A Process of Search Engine Optimization

Top On-page Optimization Technique

1. Website Analysis

2. Write right Meta title, description

3. HTML Improvement

4. Image Optimization

5. Content Optimization with focus keywords

4. External Linking

5. Relevant heading use

6. Keywords Internal Linking

7. Call to action optimization

8. Page Loading Speed

9. Mobile Friendliness

10. URL Optimization

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