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With love for food as part of the Catalan culture, Barcelona is a feast for the eyes and stomach. A city that has around 39 food markets selling some good stuff and fresh produce from the farm like fruits, veggies, meat, fish and more, The city has widespread array of markets for food and fashion lovers. 

Here are some of the markets that is worth a visit by locals, tourists, and students alike.    

Mercat de la Boqueria

Dating back to 1217, Mercat De La Boqueria is the best known market in Barcelona, and a popular tourist attraction for many. The market has a prominent location situated on the bustling La Rambla street. For students who are eager to grab a wide range of fresh food near their student accommodation barcelona, this market has the best shops, offering a huge variety of food. From salads and sandwiches to cone filled with shrimps or ham, the crowds throng in great numbers to savor these. Students can have an amazing day out shopping for some inexpensive items amidst tantalizing fresh smells of meat, fish and veggies. 


Mercat de la Concepcio

Built in the year 1888, Mercat de la Concepcio, is a colorful market visited by the locals of Barcelona. It is the oldest and located at a central part of Barcelona, which is just a brief walk  away from the Sagrada Familia, the Catholic minor basilica in Barcelona. Apart from having shops with fresh lots of fruits and vegetables, the market also lines up beautiful array of flowers, sold by avid gardeners and this makes the market colorful and attracts a large number of locals, tourists and students, living in the city. 

Barcelona Market

Mercat del Ninot

The market that reopened in May 2015, following a five year of refurbishment to better its look and give a more modern feel, Mercat del Ninot is for customers looking for good food. Students and tourists can cruise the stalls to savor sumptuous food that the market has to offer. 

Barcelona, therefore, is the city of dreams for university aspirants not because of the top universities and large number of purpose-built student accommodation but also for the bustling markets. University living, a global student housing platform, offers numerous choices for students to live in comfortable accommodations and also stay near popular places of interests and markets in Barcelona. 

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