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Seoul is the perfect study destination for students pursuing graduate and postgraduate degree courses. The following four are the best markets in Seoul, perfect for inexpensive food and other items of liking, making Seoul a perfect place for students to move in. 

Namdaemun Market

Aspirant who are on student accommodation hunt should have prior information about the city and the properties that are economical for student living. They should ensure easy access to the Namdaemun market near their student accommodation seoul, which is perhaps the oldest and largest market in South Korea. The market dates back to the 1400s and sells Korean rice cakes, delicious dumplings, crockery, electronics, and army surplus goods, to name a few. The market has hidden alleys with bunch of restaurants lined up and array of shops selling things in wholesale. All the merchandize are organized on theme streets making it easy for visitors to spot a shop that sells their desired product.    

Dongdaemun Market

A sprawling shopping district with thirty thousand stores situated in ten blocks, Dongdaemun market has separate sections for wholesale and retail outlets. There are a dozen of shopping malls and tables with pile of discounted shoes, leather products, and jeans. The taste buds can be pampered with dak hanmari, a whole chicken dish and large size fried dumplings. An array of other restaurants serving mouth licking desserts are the few other attractions of this open air market.    

Yangjae Flower Market

One of the hidden attractions in the city of Seoul is the Yangjae Flower Market. It is one of the biggest flower markets ever since it started selling exotic flowers and plants in South Korea in 1991. The market is also into selling gardening products and saplings.

Yangjae flower market

Gwangjang Market

This is one market that sells traditional Korean street foods like addictive mayak gimbap which is seaweed rice roll with sesame oil, soondae, a stuffed pig sausage with sticky rice, and bindaetteok, crispy deep-fried pancakes served with a dipping sauce. The market also sells other non-edible items as well like satin bedding, rich silks, and traditional korean costumes. 


Apart from living in purpose-built student accommodation, the city has the best markets to visit and explore more of the city life. In this way they can make good use of the leisure time available.

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