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Alike girls men also love a sweet gift wrapped in a cute looking packet. But here lies the difference because some men like to have gifts which have a professional touch while there are men who are fond of gifts that should completely turn out to be a big surprise for them. Therefore considering all these variations, you need to widen out your choices and ideas. In order to do so, it is always cool to take some suggestions from the professional online gifting portals. Therefore start to get the information from the low down points only. 

Golf bottle opener

Hanging out with friends in the New Year is something all relish for the entire life. But honestly when your girlfriend comprehends that to the fullest then you are the winner in your personal life. Basically, you are among those people who love not only to spend time but at the same time, would love to raise the toast with your friends. Therefore to do that in a full-fledged way, at home you need to have the right tool to be a bottle opener as a host. Thus your girlfriend made it easy by bestowing three golf balls upon you a bottle opener placed one below the other giving a quirky touch to the whole gift. 

Wooden rollerball pen

When you sit to work out which can be the best gift for the men, then honestly you need not brainstorm too hard. This is because the pen can invariably be the topper in the list no doubt. Therefore sticking to that, it is important to note that the pens have the calibre to capture all your feelings and jot them on paper. Thus you got an idea that it would be wise enough to impress your husband on this New Year with his favorite rollerball pen. It has a slim body made of wood. On top of that, the silver-plated top and tip add lots of elegance to the pen. In addition to that, you would be quite comfortable while handling it because anyhow it will offer good gripping as well. 


For men, cufflinks can always be in the list of special importance. This is because it has lots of adjectives like sophisticated and classiness in its appearance. And these attributes make the cufflinks an all-time favorite of all men. That is why this year in the New Year you thought that it would be excellent to get an outstanding gift for your father. And a pair of bottle-green colored cuff links automatically stole your lenses. The shinning pure silver adds lots of weight to the cufflinks. Definitely once your father pairs the cuff links with the bottle green color shirt definitely he will just look the awesome as an utterly handsome man in his fifties. 

Mapped drink glasses

Drinking glasses are something which always enhances the centre of your living room. But have you ever thought of an innovative piece of a drinking glass that will serve your evenings in the most pleasurable way? If not yet, then it is time to think a bit about that in a bigger way. That is why on this New Year you picked a set of three drinking glasses for your boyfriend. These glasses are away better than the normal glasses because the tweak is that it have the map of a certain country embossed on the glasses. The most interesting part is that these glasses are unbreakable in nature so that you don’t have to worry about breaking it even when slipped from hand. One more noteworthy feature about the gift is that these glasses have the map designed on it in different colors like red, black and blue. 

Galloping horse race game

Men are very much fond of different types of games; therefore if someone plans to add a gift in the category of special gifts for men then definitely it will make the best contribution. That is why you picked a racing game of horses for your brother. It is an innovative game where horses will run from one end to another by galloping. But the main stance you need to take is to stop them appropriately. Basically, you can play the game with a group of few friends. Otherwise, you can play with two or three friends as well. The best thing is that you would love the quality of the board as it is made of the superior quality of the wood so that it lasts for long. Therefore you need not worry about its longevity at all as it is built robustly to serve for the rest coming years. Definitely, this particular gift will give your brother intense happiness and he will always adore you like the best sister no doubt. 

Thus, these are the gifts that you should always make them add in the list of exclusive New Year gifts for men. At the same time, you can also send New Year flowers to your near ones as well. 

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