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Are your tyres showing premature cracks? If yes, it means that they are in need of immediate fixing to prevent further damages. Though the cracks are generally seen on ageing tyres, sometimes the ageing process is enhanced in the presence of some deteriorating agents. The cracks need attention for the long life of your tyres. When you ask an expert, he will not recommend you to fix those cracks; he will advise you to replace your tyres. We suggest you the same. But we know that buying a new set of tyres is a heavy investment. If you are under a budget constraint, you can fix your tyres too, to get added safety on the roads.

What are the causes of premature cracks?

The tyres are made from natural rubber, and therefore they are bound to age as time passes. One should try to delay the process of ageing of their tyres. There are a number of environmental agents that lead to the deterioration of tyres. Some of them are UV rays, Ozone, Oxygen, and Heat. All of the agents mentioned are responsible for catalysing the ageing process of tyres. One should take care of the storage of their tyres and prevent their tyres from coming in contact with these agents.

The cracks should be dealt with seriousness. Cracks in the sidewall can result in the blowout of your tyre on the road. Blowout in the middle of ongoing traffic can lead to a fatal situation.

To help you fix your tyres in the safest way possible, we offer the following steps:

Get your wheels off: First, you must uninstall your wheels safely. Any hurry in the mounting of the wheels can further damage the tyres of your cars. If the tyres are in a storage facility, then you are good to go to the next step.

Mark the area: The next step is to inspect the tyre and look for potential reasons for the failure of your tyres. You should check both sides of the sidewall of your tyres and also follow the tread to find cracks and damages. Remember the area and proceed ahead.

Clean the tyres: Degrease your tyres with the help of a degreaser and water hose. You can take the help of a hard sponge to clean any grease off from the tyres. The tyres should be cleaned thoroughly before the application of a protective layer. Rinse your tyre and let it dry off.

Apply protection: Once the tyres have been dried, make use of a protection providing product. Apply it on the tyres with the help of a rag. You can also use a sprayer to reach to the deepest parts of the cracks. Allow the layer to dry and install your wheels back onto your car. You can also store them under optimum conditions.

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