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Air fittings are an essential component of any application used to compress the air. It is mainly used to support to direct some pipes and hoses by which that air will flow when it is simultaneously producing air to some of the applications to use when they required. 

If you are searching for fitting then make sure to order Festo Push in Fittings which provides you in all kinds of types with different sizes that you require.


People who are works to repair, design and overhauling the air system, at that place you can see some of the different kinds of air compressors fittings but if you have a closer view at each variety of air compressor fitting you can figure out their potential purpose. 

It is the main thing that you need to choose the right one that suits the system that you need. The usual obvious difference among the varying kinds of air compressor fittings are the size. Well, there are specific standards as well as forms of these air compressor fittings directed by national laws, they still appear in a number of sizes.

Here are some different kinds of air compressor fittings available in the market are:

 Straight Air Fittings:

It is a basic model of air compressor fitting. It allows an airline from one point to another point is a female or male thread that will connect to one boss, which is, the material into that you need to fit the air quantity, which can be a device, a valve, and the air cylinder and any other kind of air component. 

Schrader Coupling and Plug:

It is mainly designed to the single-hand connection as well as to disconnection. The twist on top of the cap will deliver the adaptor also the airline will be released automatically. If you coupled, these coupling provides some adaptors to pin, to reduce twist of the line.

PCL Standard Airflow Coupling:

These  Airflow fittings are original quick-release coupling that remains above 60 years that design enhancements; produced in various countries like the UK, which brings the highest standards. It is ideal to use in the field of engineering environment. The PCL airflow fittings are designed mainly for applications which are fixed.

PCL Standard Vertex Coupling:

It is used along with the related male plug which is shown above these Standard Vertex PCL fitting which is double-action coupling that is designed to be used in the trailing hoses. It has a protective shoulder which is designed to prevent the passing of dirt as well as the unexpected disconnection while lines pull along the area or workbench. These Festo Pneumatic Fittings are the best to buy that get at the best price. 


PCL Standard Safety Coupling:

These fittings prevent the hoses from punishing when they stay disconnected also are disconnected under a two-stage process:

  1. Push the envelope forward to release specific male plug
  2. Pull back each sleeve and some pressure command automatically release via the particular body.

Hose Tails:

These will be connected via couplings to allow fixing to airlines. The sizes of the tail will differ to fit various internal airline diameters. Many other kinds of fittings are common fittings which come over and with some images, that you can identify whatever fittings you need. 

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