People with a sparkling smile creates a long-lasting impression on others. A set of whiter teeth also helps you to attract the number of new people in your life.

Nowadays, many people are obsessed with whitening their teeth. It shows that people like to do whitening it helps in making them look more attractive.

You have seen ads, in billboard signage, print, and Internet ads on the faces of celebrities who often flash out their wonderful and bright smiles which makes them appealing.

Whenever you talk to someone teeth are something that is noticed first and the way you smile. Having white teeth doesn’t boost your aesthetic appearance, but it also boosts your self-confidence and self-worth as well.

Having natural white teeth is a blessing but your teeth sometimes fade the color with the age or some other reasons. So what to do then? For that teeth whitening in Canberra is a solution for you.

For that, we need to understand what teeth whitening is?

Teeth whitening Canberra is a cosmetic dental method that lightens and removes stain or discoloration in your teeth. Sometimes people undergo this treatment to achieve brighter smiles like the ones worn by their favourite celebrities.

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But people are generally afraid of the procedure that makes it stressful for the person who likes to proceed the treatment. But these are some myths about the procedure, not the facts.

Here in this article, we are going to review the facts and myths about the teeth whitening.

Table of content

Some myths and facts about teeth whitening

  • Painful
  • Makes teeth sensitive
  • Damages enamel
  • Destroy your teeth
  • It is expensive

Wrapping up

Some myths and facts about teeth whitening


Teeth whitening is not a painful process at all. It might cause discomfort when the procedure is done on sensitive teeth. But if you buy some products for teeth whitening and misuse them without the recommendation of the dentist in Canberra or go for cosmetic whitening then there are chances that it causes pain to you.

But if you go to your orthodontist then you will never ever feel pain during the procedure. Your dentist will examine you right before you undergo any treatment. If you do have sensitive teeth there are things a dentist can do first to treat the source like fill the tooth cracks, repair the teeth, etc and recommend you some good toothpaste.

Fact- Not painful

Makes teeth sensitive 

Teeth-whitening sometimes does make teeth feel sensitive, but it’s not a permanent side effect. There can be mild irritation with the bleaching solution to your gums. But that is entirely temporary. 

There are some unique ways where you can easily deal with your teeth. Suppose if you want to whiten your teeth then you can apply the solution for a half an hour rather than 30-minute sessions. 

Take a break for a few days after you first start whitening your teeth. Use a dentist-recommended toothpaste for your sensitive teeth.

Fact- Not makes the teeth sensitive 

Damages enamel 

Teeth whitening procedure does not remove the tooth enamel. It bleaches the enamel from the outside. Stains in enamel tend to occur if you use products that contain tobacco or regularly eat or drink darkly pigmented foods or beverages

Teeth-whitening solutions use various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, and some people experience tooth sensitivity after using it.

This is a safe procedure and does not cause the problem until or unless the wrong proportions are used during the treatment. Whitening of the teeth should be performed by a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist.

Fact- Safe procedure

Destroy your teeth 

This is totally a misconception those whitening teeth can ruin the protective enamel. If you buy any unregulated whitening product, then there is a risk that it could cause damage to the teeth enamel and weakens them.

However, if you choose a chairside whitening treatment at your local dental practice or purchase a take-home whitening kit directly from your dentist then your teeth will be safe. This is despite the fact that higher strengths of bleaching agents are typically used.

If the procedure is taken by a dental professional and doctor, monitor the process where any whitening is done in gradual stages. In a treatment plan, your dentist will give you guidelines for the best effect. 

Fact- Save your teeth 

It is expensive

Whitening of teeth is a laser treatment system, which has been proven in clinical trials to cause the least sensitivity of the teeth after treatment compared with ZOOM or any other light-based single visit technology.

It charges for $650, compared to $400 for take-home trays and under $100 for over-the-counter bleaching trays or strips. Results can be unpredictable if you buy the kit for your home as it depends on factors such as age, heredity, and the type of staining that is present. 

Fact- Reasonable 

Wrapping up

Above we have discussed some of the myths and true facts about the teeth whitening. Whitening bleaches out stains from the dull teeth. The treatment is very effective in treating stains that darken the enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth. 

Teeth-whitening continues to be one of the easiest, quickest, and simplest ways of enhancing one’s smile.

Hopefully, you have clear knowledge about the teeth whitening.

Your suggestions and queries are welcome. So feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!! Smile brighter with your shining teeth.