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Winter Tyres

Have you ever noticed a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on your tyres? If it has left you baffled for quite a long now, don’t worry. Allow us to explain its exact meaning, and why it is there on the sidewalls of many tyres.

Do you face difficulty in driving your vehicle on snow-laden roads? If yes, let us fore-warm you with an excellent option of high traction tyres known as winter tyres. It was found that summer tyres were incapable of gripping the roads covered with snow. Thus, the world sought a need for new and advanced tyres equipped with modern techs to effectively fight winter conditions.

When the temperature falls below 7 degree Celsius, standard tyres become stiff and skid on the road. Therefore, softer rubber compounds were used in the manufacturing of new and advanced tyres. The tyres later came to be known as winter tyres. Further silica was added into the mix that provided it with the much-needed traction capabilities.

Features of winter tyres

Beside using softer natural rubber compound, winter tyres come with relatively deeper grooves than those are present in summer tyres. These deeper grooves in the tread, grips the snow better. Snow gets trapped in these grooves that later on, hold back the snow present on the roads.

Deeper tread also assists in the adequate amount of water displacement on the wet road. This fact helps winter tyres to resist aquaplaning in the best ways possible. Apart from deeper tread, winter tyres are provided with a number of shallower grooves known as sipes. These sipes assist with an increase in the biting capability of the winter tyres. They hold on to the snow and helps the main tread to grip onto the roads better.

Markings on winter tyres:

Do you remember, we told you that we will explain three-peak mountain snowflake symbol on your tyres for you? It is about time that we do. Winter tyres come with various symbols defining its ability to perform on different road conditions.

There are basically two types of symbols that you can find on winter tyres’ sidewalls:

M+S: Simply the symbol means mud and snow compatible tyres. A tyre with this symbol is moderately capable of gripping on snow as well as mud.

Three peak mountain snowflake symbol: The symbol defines the dedication of a tyre to grip the snow better. Tyres Birmingham with a three-peak mountain snowflake symbol are highly capable of providing for the snow traction needs of a car.

The only thing that one should keep in mind while using winter tyres is about their storage in summers. Improper storage may result in the rotting of tyres. It will evidently decrease the life of your winter tyres in the long run. Hence, we would recommend storing your tyres in a cool and dry place. You can also ask an expert for his advice on the storage of your tyres.

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