When it comes to C-suite, executive and senior positions, recruitment processes are different. Working with contingency search firms and recruiters is great for filling junior positions, but businesses need to turn to executive search firms when hiring for senior and executive-level positions. Also known as headhunters, executive search firms actively source candidates, whether they are currently looking for employment opportunities or not.

Wondering what you can do to get noticed? Here are some tips to help:

Having an open mind

Most head hunters won’t discuss the opportunity in detail when they first contact a potential candidate. A ‘cold call’ approach is not an effective tactic for sourcing talent for executive and high-level positions. If a head hunter contacts you and wants to discuss a job opportunity over coffee or in person, always remember to say yes – even if the position doesn’t quite interest you. This is because it’s a useful opportunity to either gain information about the role or establish a contact in the event of similar job opportunities arise.

Get on their radar

Executive search firms possess extensive networks of professional industry contacts that they have built for many years, giving them to access to a wide variety of high-quality candidates. This same tactic is incredibly useful in order to get on the radar of various executive search firms. You can speak at industry conferences, hand out your business cards at functions and events or join professional groups to increase your visibility.

Keeping it real

As mentioned before, these executive search consultants are headhunters. This means they will approach suitable candidates regardless if they are looking for employment opportunities or not. These specialists identify specific attributes and skillsets in potential candidates that their clients need. Simply put: if you match what they are looking for; they will only contact you.

Get social

Social media is an incredibly valuable networking tool. Social networking websites like LinkedIn are extremely beneficial in not only standing out more in your industry, but for also networking with other industry professionals. Publishing insightful blog, having an impressive profile and posting informative articles relating to your industry are all helpful tips that will help you get noticed by executive head hunters.

Be a great communicator

Building from the previous tip, having great communication skills when talking with headhunters will go a long way. Instead of simply declining an employment offer, use the opportunity to chat with the head hunter about what positions you would be interested in. This will give them a much better understanding of your current goals, situation and skillsets. They will then take this information on board so they can contact you when an opportunity arises in the future that will be a much better fit for you.

If you’re wanting to take the next step in your career, remember to use these helpful tips to increase your odds of becoming noticed by executive search firms.