Digital Marketing is part of marketing.

Digital Marketing is the term used for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach the viewers, turn them into customers, and retain them.

Why we do Digital Marketing?

Because it is simple, and it is cost-effect compared to traditional marketing, and user tracking is easy.

Aim of Digital Marketing?

The main aim of digital marketing is to generate leads or direct sales from online user’s queries or by searching for keywords.

Medium or channels of digital marketing to reach customers and users


  1. Search Engine.
  2. Social Media.
  3. Email Accounts.
  4. Mobile App Stores.


How to do digital marketing (Strategies) 

A concrete method of digital marketings are

  1. Free or Organic Method
  2. Paid Method
  3. Tracking/ Analysis
  • Free or Organic Method

Main things is there is no free method that exist in the world because if we include manpower cost.

By the way in the term of digital marketing Organic term is used for SEO, ASO, SMO techniques, and Email marketing Technique.

But the main point is what is SEO, ASO, SMO, and Email Marketing and why we call them as free or organic methods

We call them free because we do not make any direct payment to the search engine or social media platform.

What is SEO, ASO, SMO, and Email Marketing?

SEO – Search engine optimization. In this method or technique, we optimized the website for getting the free traffic/users/views from Search Engines by search queries.

Some Search engines are Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go.

ASO – Application Store Optimization. This method is entirely similar to the SEO method, but this method is used for rank Mobile application in the Mobile App store or Play store.

SMO – Social Media Platform, Optimisation. This method is used for generated lead or sale from social media platforms.

Email Marketing – In this method, we send direct mail to the customer for lead generation or direct sale purposes.

  • Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is the most effective technique in digital marketing, but it is costly too. In this technique, payment is direct goes to the search engine or social platform. That’s why this technique is commonly known as Paid marketing.

By the way, the term of digital marketing Paid marketing term is used to optimize SEM, SMM, and other Paid Email marketing or the Paid Application Store Technique.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing. In this method, we optimized the search engine with the help of paid tools like Google Ad (the same tool is used for google play store paid optimization as well as for emails), Bing Ads tools

This technique is widely known as PPC/CPC, means Pay Per click/ Cost Per Click)

SMM – Social Media Marketing. In this method we optimised the social media platform with this help of social media paid tools like Facebook ad manager (same tool is also use for WhatsApp and Instagram paid optimisation), Other tools like Quora ads manager, Pinterest Ad tool, Twitter Ad tool, LinkedIn Lead tool etc for drive the traffic to your website or product for lead generation purpose.

  • Tracking

In digital marketing, tracking plays the most important role because, without any proper monitoring, you can’t understand user or traffic behaviour and can’t build the customer relationship.

So the point is how we can track any user. The answer is google analytics tools (it works on all platform like a search engine as well as social media) and Facebook ad insight tools (it work on only Facebook, Instagram)

What things are the need for Digital Marketing?

Before doing Digital marketing, make sure your brand has a good website or available in a social platform because they help create an appropriate relationship between customers and your brand to make a proper funnel for final goal achievement.

  • Website to describe yourself, your products
  • Social Platform for branding, built proper customer relationship.

Then if we have this thing then what is it enough?

Then answer is no.

If you want to do digital marketing then follow this methods

  • SEO and SMO (as per choice)
  • PPC (as per choice)
  • Content management (most important thing in internet because content is king.)
  • Analysis