SEO – Search engine optimization. 

Search engine optimization is a method of working to get users, person or traffic to your website by ranking of user’s search queries through search engine result pages.

Why we do SEO?

We do SEO because of getting a nice quality of traffics free of cost and getting free leads.

Aim of SEO?

The only aim of SEO is top the specific web page as per keyword query on search engine result pages.

How to SEO Works?

Search Engine Optimization revolves around keywords query and organic search results.

If a user’s type, a keyword or query or question on search engine and search engine shows the website’s result on their Search engine result pages.

That means you fulfill the user’s query according to search engine algorithm thinking, and the search engine shows your result on top of the page.

Before continuing to the topic, there are many queries are rising like

  • What is a Search Engine?
  • What is the Search Engine Algorithm?
  • What is the Algorithm?
  • What is keywords Query?
  • What is the Search Engine Result Page?
  • What are Organic Search Results?

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is a web-based software or application.

That is specially designed to display the result when the user searches any text-based query to the search engine query form box.

Now Search engines are eligible to search Image query also.

Any other internet user always submits the result of a user’s search query in the Search engine. Those users are especially a website owner or member of displayed websites. This will be listed in the search engine result page.

What is the Search Engine Result Page?

When we search for anything in Search engine. For example Laptops

We got some listed result in a search engine like the below image




What is Organic Search Result?

Search engine shows two types of result in SERP

  • Paid results
  • Organic results


What is the Algorithm?

The Algorithm is a program formula for solving anything or get any calculation result as per variable input. It is used in various areas like maths or computer programming.

What is the Search Engine Algorithm?

The search engine algorithm has not any proper definition to describe because of computer programming.

All Algorithm’s primary functions are the same, which solve the problem to the users when users input something and get something as output results.

The search engine algorithm is used for rank web pages after listing (Indexing) and crawling with search engine robots or programs.

As per Algorithm all robots (computer programs) are read the web page. Generally, this process is done after the submission of the website into the specific search engine webmasters tool.

What is keywords Query?

Keywords is the most crucial thing of the internet because the keyword is an initial point of any input query of any users.

Keywords might be an idea, topic, or question.

However, the point is why the keyword query is essential on the internet because the whole thing of the internet is work on behalf of the Algorithm.

Above we know how search engine algorithm works.