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tummy tucker for female in India

Plastic surgery procedures are very common in patients over 50 years. Surgeries such as facial and neck lift, eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift are highly requested by this group of patients. However, the truth is that when we reach the fifth decade of life we begin to present certain health conditions, some of which may disqualify a patient for elective surgery. One of the most common doubts is whether the patient with high blood pressure or hypertension may be a candidate for elective plastic surgery. For us plastic surgeons, your health is paramount and before considering surgery you should be well informed and prepared for it.

The body area of the abdomen is one that most aesthetically worries men and women. For those looking for a solution not only to eliminate excess fat but also excess skin, the tummy tuck may be a good option, and the photos of before and after this treatment make it clear. Under that term the tummy tuck intervention is hidden, an operation that can be complete or mini, a much milder and ambulatory operation.

Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

If the abdominal area complexes you, surely the first aesthetic operation that has come to your mind is liposuction, since it is the best known. However, tummy tuck may be a better option in certain cases. For this reason we cannot talk about one technique being better than another, but depending on what you want to try, one or the other may be better.

Who is tummy tuck for?

After a significant weight loss it is very common that in the abdominal area we have an excess of skin or notice that you have lost toning, for example after a diet or after the increase of the area with pregnancy. This tummy tucker for female in India ideal for those who have lost toning in the abdomen area since it allows the removal of a part of skin and fat from the lower abdomen.

Before the operation

Before the intervention, the idea is to reduce as much as possible the amount of fat, with diet and exercise, although, yes, forget about extreme diets and bet more on a balanced and healthy menu. It is also important that, if you smoke, leave it at least two weeks before the operation, although your doctor may indicate some more time. It is also likely that your doctor recommends you avoid some medications. Follow, in any case, the instructions of the specialist.

The day of the operation

Before going to the clinic it is advisable that you have everything ready for your return home. Keep in mind that in the following days you will need comfortable clothes and probably some help, so, if you live alone or alone, ask someone if they can help you out, especially the first night. Also, request that someone accompany you to the clinic if in your case it is a mini tummy tuck since after the intervention you can go directly home.

For the reduced risks

Being a surgery that can be adapted to the needs of each patient, even being able to opt for a mini ambulatory tummy tuck, the risks are reduced, yes, always opting for specialized clinics with qualified doctors.

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