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Digital marketing will observe a drastic change in 2019, as it continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. And the businesses must embrace the pace of change for staying in the game! An effectively executed marketing campaign can definitely serve the requirements of any business and it will ultimately increase the demand for the service/product that they offer. Emerging developments and technologies are shaping the future, present-day marketing is different than a decade ago, and the future of digital marketing will surely be more different. To keep you up to date with the digital landscape, here’s what comes next in 2019! These 6 trends about the future of digital marketing will help you to thrive in 2019 and beyond.

  1. Use of Chatbots Will Be Increased:

A specialized form of software, acting as a virtual “concierge,” a chatbot assists the users by communicating with them. Chatbots not only interact with the users through chat, but the users can also communicate with them verbally. Most importantly, chatbots provide 24/7 availability. There is no denying in this fact that chatbots are intelligent enough to answer all the queries. The development New Technologies trends show that in 2019, chatbots will be providing the same services as human by matching their behavior. For AI and chatbot, the future is coming one way or another, also, it can’t be avoided.

  1. Content Will Have Same Power:

There are two things that we can say for content marketing in 2019.

  • Content marketing will become even more important.
  • A radical change will be observed in content creation and in its distribution.

Businesses that go for content marketing come in all shapes and sizes, but what are the benefits of using content marketing? It helps in establishing your brand as an authority in the industry, broadens the awareness of your brand, strengthens your relationship with the consumer, and helps you to stand ahead of the competition.

  1. Email Is Getting More Personalized:

Email marketing works wonders! But, not the kind that you send to your entire database, and then hope that any one of them will turn into a customer. This type of marketing is simply known as spamming! It used to work ages ago, but not anymore! These days, people prefer personalization. They like when you communicate with them or make them feel unique. Personalization makes email marketing effective and even bearable.

  1. Video Marketing Will Kick In:

Video marketing dominated last year, and there is no reason to think that it will lose its dominance in 2019. It is not surprising that the video’s popularity continues to grow, with constant shifts in user’s preferences, advertising options, and platform offerings. Now, a Social Media Marketing Agency pays great attention to video advertising and it is a larger move by the platforms towards video in general. Also, video-search bonding is strengthening. We can expect to see the adoption of vertical, six-second, and non-skippable ads into the marketing strategy of more and more brands this year.

  1. Use Of Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram) May Be Peaking:

It is important for a Digital Marketing Agency In Karachi to look at who their target market may be. It is essential for them to target the right audience. Facebook and Instagram are the most famous social media platforms among marketers. Both of these networks are highly engaging and visual, and these platforms offer enough opportunities for advertising and in 2019, they’ll continue to boom!

  1. Live Videos Will Gain Popularity:

Not just traditional video content is gaining popularity, live videos are prominent as well as the consumer wants instant access to the information. Therefore, if someone’s favorite influencer or brand is streaming a live video, they are more likely to get engaged with that. It is likely that live videos will play a big role in the future of digital marketing.

Final Thoughts:

Now you’ve got the scoop on the future of digital marketing in 2019! As there you have it: 6 predictions to thrive in 2019. Be mindful of the upcoming Technology News in order to keep pace with this changing industry. Moreover, if you anticipate updates and trends then respond to them, it can help you in achieving higher rankings. When putting your 2019 marketing plans together, keep these 6 trends in mind, and get ready to reach new heights! At last, the future of marketing is to become even more analytical, responsive, and authentic as we’re now embracing new opportunities, platforms, and media. The primary goal for every digital marketing agency in Karachi should be to choose the best options for their customers and to guide them through the years to come!

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