Tree roots are the main reason for damage occurring to drains and getting the drain pipe lining across the UK. Also, a report has suggested that it can get worse because of climate change.

The research findings conducted by the Swedish & UK researchers and the also the AAIS (Arboricultural Advisory And Data Service) suggest that instead of tree roots directly inflicting damage to pipes, in the majority of instances, roots simply take advantage of previously broken or prone pipes.

Usually, water spilling from existing cracks attracts close by tree roots which ultimately enter and widen those cracks, creating a complicated problem difficult to solve.

Moreover, it is said that tree roots can apply a pressure of up to 20 bar per sq. Cm, which is greater than the 6 bar in keeping with that most rubber seals can bear up to. Although it can take up to 20 years for root ingress to happen, they are able to destroy the pipe by means of displacing a seal. Meanwhile, if a pipe leaking is occurring into the ground, tree roots can grow around it to take in the moisture. This may cause soil drying and also the pipe movement, aggravating cracks and gaps in joints. Additional nutrients and water in pipes inspire speedy growth to the point in which the roots can fill the pipe.

Moreover, dry conditions could make the issue worse. The research paper also highlights how utilities in warmer climates, have investigated and addressed the difficulty. Climate change in the UK may worsen the problem of tree root ingress in the years to come.

The UKDN Waterflow says that it addressed 175 jobs regarding tree root ingress in the months of January and May 2018. This is more than an average of more than once per day.

How to prevent the tree root problem drain pipe lining

drain pipe lining

drain pipe lining

The paper proposes a preventative renovation technique as it is the best way of tackling the tree root issue, with tactics which include:

1. Reassessing tree planting plans and avoiding species that have particularly rigorous root systems.

2. Performing regular CCTV drainage surveys to check for defects and symptoms of root ingress.

3. Mapping drainage structures to help to make effective plans for drain pipe lining and tree planting

4. Keeping the pipes clean through pressure water jetting.

5. Disposing of tree roots with the suitable, cost-effective no-trench approach. This may involve high-pressure water jetting, electro-mechanical cutting, or robotic cutting.

6. Putting in glass reinforced plastic liners to create a robust barrier for pipes that are vulnerable.

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