We all like to drink and eat junk food. Though they taste good, they also create a lot of health issues in our bodies. According to a recent survey, almost 80% of the world’s population suffers from digestive issues on regular basis, thanks to our unhealthy eating habits. The most common problems suffered by these people are diarrhea, acid reflux, abdominal pain, gas, bloating and other related problems. What’s more shocking is that these problems are common with kids and young people.

All these symptoms come under gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and a good number of the world’s population is diagnosed with gastrointestinal disorders every year. In order to get them fixed, these patients visit a Gastroenterologist. But the solution to all these health problems is not just visiting the doctor, but the key is in finding the best gastroenterologists in Vishakhapatnam.

The Predicament

Symptoms like these are common. Therefore, people usually tend to ignore them and use over the counter medicines to manage their discomfort and pain. These medicines might be helpful for some time, but if you suffer these symptoms on regular basis, then they might not be as helpful as they should be because those drugs would only treat the problem on surface and not the underlying issue. It is only if you visit a good gastroenterologist, they can prescribe you the right medicine to tackle the disease.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

Digestive issues can be highly frustrating. Luckily our body is intelligent enough to tell when something is going wrong with us. Some people may tend to ignore, but sometimes the symptoms are too severe to overlook. That is when you need to seek help from a doctor who specializes in gastrointestinal issues. The most common symptoms are:-

  • Frequent heartburn, a burning feeling in your chest or throat
  • Anal leakage of Feces
  • Rectal Bleeding
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Sudden change in bowel movements and/or habits
  • Changes in stool color
  • Inability to control or resist bowel movements
  • Dark-coloured urine
  • Regular abdominal bloating or pain
  • Lack of energy/lethargy
  • Throat discomfort or pain
  • Excessive burping
  • Loss of appetite

Specific Conditions

Our GI tract is quite sensitive. But only a handful of serious diseases affects the tract. These are.

Acid Reflux

In a normal scenario, when you eat food, it travels from your mouth to the esophagus to your stomach. This is how your body should function usually. However, there are times when your stomach contents go back in your esophagus causing acid reflux.
The muscle known as LES (Lower esophagus sphincter) is supposed to close once your food is through the esophagus. But due to frequent acid reflux, this muscle could weaken over time and does not close tightly enough, causing the acid to rush back in your esophagus. This causes heartburn or GERD. You can easily treat this condition by taking some antacids or over-the-counter medications. But, if you are suffering more than two to three times a week, you need to see gastroenterologists treat the condition.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Millions of people across the world suffer from problems related to inflammation of the intestines. Intestinal issues are serious and can cause life-threatening complications like Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease. Due to the seriousness of the disease, gastroenterologists usually treat the condition aggressively. The treatment combines anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics to fight the inflammation and suppressants for the immune system.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

IBS is a common digestion relation problems suffered by almost 20% of the world’s population. People suffering from IBS report digestive issues like cramping, bloating, diarrhea, gas, constipation, bloating and other related symptoms. Since gastroenterologists are able to find the cause of this problem, they usually not consider it a gastrointestinal issue. Most of the time, the problem can be treated with serious dietary and lifestyle changes without any medications.

Celiac Disease

If your body has stopped processing gluten, then most probably you are suffering from Celiac disease, another common GI issue. In this condition, due to an autoimmune disorder, our body slows downs the ability to produce gluten. Due to this, we suffer from fatigue, diarrhea, stomach pain, weight loss, and skin rashes. The biggest problem with this disease is that there is no cure for the problem other than recommending the patient to shift to a gluten-free diet.

Never ignore a digestive problem, especially if you are experiencing it on a regular basis. Believe it or not, but digestive problems can be life-threatening if not treated at the right time. Take out time and visit good reliable gastroenterologists to treat the disease. The doctor would be able to diagnose the problem and provide exact medication to treat the disease.