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VPS Hosting In Pakistan - Fully Managed with Free cPanel

Virtual Private Server   

Virtual Private Server of just VPS is a Virtualized set of resources sold as services which have its own copy of Operating system and own resource management system so that any application may be installed independently without any hesitation and complexities.

VPS on a cloud basis at a great price

IONOS VPS offers you the performance of strong server resources with free and unlimited traffic.

Choose between our data centers in Germany, Europe, and the USA. How to operate your VPS in the desired region and start a new server in just 55 seconds.

VPS Hosting In Pakistan

Zthosting offer fully managed Vps Hosting In Pakistan with Free cPanel.Feel the power of Web technology with free cPanel/WHM.

Full flexibility and easy administration

Choose from a range of Windows and Linux operating systems, such as Windows Server 2019. Root access gives you full control over your VPS: change any file, install applications as required and

Uncompromising security

Everything is designed for maximum security: from redundant storage networks to backup solutions and firewall rules to access regulations and data transmission. adapt the server to the needs of your project.

24/7 expert service

Regardless of whether you have technical or contractual concerns – our experts will also help you at night, on weekends and on public holidays.

 Databases and apps

Operate your own systems or start directly with pre-installed applications such as WordPress or Drupal. All common database types are available.

The latest cloud technologies

Latest-generation cloud hardware ensures maximum VPS performance – including Intel® Xeon® E5 processors and 100% SSD storage.

VMware virtualization and redundant SAN storage systems guarantee.

Secure VPS hosting

 Certified infrastructure

Our data centers are among the safest and most modern in Europe. They are certified according to ISO 27001 and ensure the greatest possible availability of your servers.

SSL encryption

For the best possible protection of your data and so that your users can feel safe, all VPS packages have a wildcard SSL certificate included.

Firewall Management

The external firewall automatically protects you from attacks. Individual rules for the firewall can be set centrally in the IONOS Cloud Panel.

What is a hosting?

The first thing you should know is that a hosting or web hosting is a service offered by certain companies so that your website appears on the Internet.

What these hosting providers do is rent a server that is connected to the Internet and allows you to host all the files that make up your website.

Your site will be visible while it is located on one of these servers, so hiring a hosting is a fundamental requirement to have a website.

Free or paid hosting?

Spanish or foreign supplier?

Limited or unlimited resources?

And a very long etcetera.

The problem is that you may be tempted by the prices of laughter and the impossible promises of some companies.

Look, this is the best advice I will give throughout the entry and one of the best you will receive in your career as an online entrepreneur: DO NOT SAVE IN HOSTING.

If you are reading this post it is because you do not have much technical knowledge so do not play it with a poor quality hosting.

You do not know how desperate it can be to have a problem with a website hosted in a bad hosting.

Seriously, you can’t imagine it.

Hiring a poor quality hosting can mean:

May your page spend more time than online.

They do not take care of security as much as they should and your website pays the consequences.

In my client developments I have used quite a lot of accommodations and I can guarantee that there is no color to each other.

ZtHosting offers the best business hosting solution in town



Business Hosting Services

ZtHosting offers the best business hosting solution in town. Business hosting packages are useful for high traffic websites. Get Unlimited SSD Storage, Dedicated CPU and RAM, and Unlimited Bandwidth without any restriction. You can now receive unlimited visitors with no fear of server-crash. Moreover, we provide daily backups for free. The package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

In a good hosting things go smoothly, the web works well, fast loading and when you need them they take care of you in conditions.

In a bad hosting you can feel like crying … and I say it literally, I’ve been ready on several occasions, no kidding.

In short, there are very good suppliers for between € 5 and € 7 per month, I personally consider that it is not worth saving at this point.

One Click Installer

Softaculous 1-Click Script Installer facilitates you with a myriad of the best scripts in just 1 click.

SSD Based Hosting

We employ SSD-based servers to ensure extreme smoothness for websites with huge traffic.

Daily R1Soft Backups

To help you keep your website data safe, we make daily offsite R1Soft backups on all servers.


This feature allows you to receive and send spam-free emails to your customers.

Content Delivery Network

We incorporate CloudFlare in your web hosting account which increases your site’s performance mechanically.

LiteSpeed WebServer

We employ LiteSpeed instead of Apache, as it can load your website 2.5X faster than Apache server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS is mostly preferred because it is a lot cheaper than the full dedicated hosting servers also VPS plans are more expandable and plan alterations can be made easily and due to the performance peak factor it is more popular than anything else.


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