Probably you have realized that you are unable to drive your car without your tyres. in fact, driving the vehicle is not only about moving forward with the help of four wheels. Complete driving experience includes several factors like ease of handling the vehicle, type of surface, grip, steering, braking, cornering etc.

We can use a single term performance for these terms. Tyres play a vital role in improving the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to select the best tyres while you are trying to buy new Tyres Peterborough for your vehicle.

A wide variety of tyres is available in the market and it is not easy for the buyers to make the correct decision. Therefore, we have helpful information in the blog to make the process easier for you. First of all, you can have a look at some of the essential aspects that are considered by most of the buyers.


Rubber Compound

Manufacturers use varied rubber compounds that are usually a combination of synthetic and natural rubber, silica and carbon. These compounds are chosen to vary the traits of the tyres in terms of performance, grip, control and driving experience. Therefore, whenever you are going to buy new tyres, look at the compounds as well.


Tube Less Vs Tube Tyres

Nowadays, tubeless tyres are popular but tube tyres also have their own place. Experts consider tubeless tyres reliable, durable and they do not lose the air pressure easily. However, the final decision always depends on your objectives.


Season Based Tyres

All-season, summer and winter are the three types that are available in the market. All season tyres are made for moderate conditions and you may use them during all the seasons. Summer tyres are used in warm weather when the temperature is above 7DegreesC. Winter tyres are experts of cold weather when roads are covered with snow and ice and temperature is below 70C.


Application-Based Tyres

These tyres are based on the road conditions. Some tyres are made for running on smooth highways. So, if you rarely go off-road, you can choose these tyres. these tyres may be the best companions in both dry and wet conditions.

If you drive your vehicle on both well-constructed and unconstructed roads, you may select all-terrain tyres. These tyres are designed to provide better grip in off-road conditions. You can use these tyres on smooth surfaces but they would not provide grip like on-road tyres.

Another type of application-based tyres is Mud terrain tyres. Manufacturers made these tyres for off-road conditions with rocks, mud, and sand. These tyres are not suitable for highway driving.


Tyres Based on the Tread Pattern

Tread is an important part of tyres. Therefore, manufacturers use different tread patterns with varied objectives. The tyre tread may be symmetric in which you will find the same pattern on both sides of the tyres. Moreover, the tyres may have asymmetrical tread pattern. In these tyres, the inside and outside of the tyres have different tread patterns. Apart from symmetrical and asymmetrical tread pattern, a V-shaped unidirectional tread pattern is also available to perform in wet conditions.

As you see, there are different criteria that you must consider while you are going to buy Goodyear Tyres Peterborough. You may always talk to your tyre dealer or you may read some tyre reviews to reach a final decision.