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Stores and businesses are usually confused on what SMS do they need to send for their customers. Most of the businesses doesn’t even know that they can use Text Messages as a way of communicating not just with their employees (for information regarding payroll, attendance or emergencies) but also with their customers. With that, here are some of the example that businesses can send to their customers:

Welcome Messages – customers often forgot about the stores that they went to last week or last month ago (if they had a good customer experienced maybe they will come back in no time) . Welcome text messages may help you get their attention back to your store. Also, welcome messages is a more polite way to introduce your new store or businesses if in case you have got the data from another platform. Stores tends to jump this from their habit and because of that customers are getting confused if they did go over to this store already or is this a new one. With welcome text messages, the customers will have a quick intro with the store and have a basic knowledge of what the store sells.

An example of a Welcome Message is:

“Thank you for joining The VIP list, 4-6 texts a month w/ deals & news! Msg & Data rates may apply. Read more at

Information Text Messages – this kind of text usual goal is to share knowledge, information about your store or news that you need to disseminate with your sms list. Information text messages should be on point and sometimes lesser characters are needed for the readers or the target audience will grasp the information easily. The most effective with these kind of messages are the ones that just inform its customers and not directly sell the products to them. The goal with information text messages is to inform, educate and share the knowledge. You can make the selling on another message.

One good example of it is as follows:

“This is a friendly reminder to join us tonight for the community  fundraiser. 7:00 PM @ Main Street, Australia”

Call to Action SMS- You want your customers to take actions not to be annoyed by you. With this message, you can set a very enticing promo that will grab the attention of your customers- with that, you can encourage them to come and buy some products that you are selling. You need to do soft sale- not the type of words that a car salesman will do. It should be short and direct to the point. There are hundreds of ways for your customer to be encouraged on buying some of your products, you just need to say and present the right words and the right product with the right price for the right audience.

An example of a Call to Action SMS is:

“Don’t waste time standing in line today… order your Christmas gifts online: 10% discount Black Friday Only!”

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