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SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service or SMS has proved itself as one of the most effective marketing strategies a business can follow. Promotional bulk SMS has been one of the latest trends that are being preferred by the eCommerce sector, and it’s not without any reason:

  • There’s no need to create Ad copies
  • You’ll never fa e delays in implementation
  • It’s cost-effective even for a business that are small
  • Users find messages trustworthy as compared to other mediums
  • People are always on their phones; hence bulk SMS is a lucrative way to communicate users 

But it’s important that you use the strategy with a plan and not blindly push out bulk messages to potential customers about the products you are marketing. Here are some of the tips that are essential for effective SMS marketing strategy.

Understand the meaning of Opt-in feature:

You have to understand that Bulk SMS is not a method to attract customers to your services. The Key to getting conversions here is to find the people who actually want to product or service you are looking for and send the message at the right time.

Targeted Sending

There are no “one message for all” when it comes to bulk SMS. The people who show interest in your product should be the ones who should receive your messages. This should always be your rule for effective outcome otherwise people will just ignore your messages.

Length of the message

No one likes lengthy messages about a product, people want to understand something in a short period of time. Which is why you should always keep the length of your messages short and offer them the necessary information that they require.

Respect the opt-out feature

With time, the number of spam messages has increased a lot that disrupts the privacy of the customers, the same happens with emails as well. This is why marketers have to offer customers an opt-out facility and keep themselves in compliance with it. Remember to keep the customers out of the messaging campaign who have opted-out.

Convey Concise Details

Since a message has a limited amount of characters allowed, 160 maximum to be precise, you have to convey your message as clear as possible. The right step to take here is to convey the message in the simplest form you can while staying within the limit.

For example:

-The wrong way:

“XYZ is a leading retailer since the last 20 years and is giving an excellent discount of tech products this season. They have a state of the art infrastructure and product line..”

-The right way:

“XYZ has an exciting offer to its customers this season. Visit today and avail exciting discounts on your favourite products.”


You have to keep in mind that the software that you are integrating your SMS solutions is not complicated. If people don’t like the integration, they might not favour your services. 

Personalized message

Ever seen a message that doesn’t have your name on it, it feels unrelated doesn’t it? Hence it’s important that you address the customers before sending a message.

An Example:

Dear Mr XYZ, today, on the eve of Holi, we are offering you a 30% discount on all our electronics. Visit now & take advantage of this offer.

Customer Benefit

Promotional messages are only read when there is something for them to grab. The first thought that strikes the customers while they read a message is “what’s in there for me?” which is exactly what you have to keep in mind while offering services like promotional and transactional bulk SMS.

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