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To have the right security cameras for your CCTV system is a significant decision for businesses of all types, sizes, and industries. With the impressive range of cameras and equipment on the market today, and the array of benefits CCTV cameras might bring to a business, making the correct choice is now more significant than ever before.


You have to choose the right CCTV Camera Company in Dubai, that can provide you with the right equipment and only then you can ensure that your property is safe and secure in every way. To simplify the task, here are a few important questions you may want to ask yourself before you invest in a new CCTV system for your company or business.

Are security cameras going to be indoors or outdoors?

Though most of the cameras are suitable for both inside and outside, it is absolutely important to consider features such as mounting and housing. In case the camera is for usage in a cold environment, picking the one that is durable and that incorporates an inbuilt heater simply means it is going to be operational despite the temperature. For example, in the transport industry, it is also sensible to prefer a powerful solution. This makes sure that it can work reliably in harsh environments and where there could be a high level of vibration. However, it is not just external cameras that require consideration. In factory environments, you might need to guard the cameras against heat or dust.

Should the cameras be discreet or work as a visual deterrent?

Well, the location you are considering and what you require to monitor with your CCTV is going to help determine whether you demand obvious or discreet cameras. Large size cameras can work as an obvious reminder to people that they are getting monitored, diminishing the chance of theft. Compact, dome cameras are the finest choice for discretion.

How massive is the area you want to monitor?

The finest type of cameras would depend on the size of the area you want to encompass. As said before, the right type can work best for larger areas. You have to pick the more powerful cameras that have the ability to view a huge area and zoom in on the specific activity. Using powerful cameras might also diminish the number of cameras required when covering such areas, keeping pricing down while retaining a high-quality picture. On the contrary scale, tinier areas are probable to demand static cameras.

Do you require audio integration?

You know combining audio into a CCTV system would make it possible for security to hear and speak with likely perpetrators. It might also get used as an independent detection method activating recordings and alarms when audio passes a specific threshold.

What about video quality?

The area you want to encompass determines the resolution you require. For example, in case you wish to monitor potential shoplifting, to have a high-quality image for identification goals in the event of prosecution is significant.

Otherwise, lower resolution cameras might be relevant for tinier areas such as offices. Whereas it is often thought that high-resolution cameras are finest, they are not always the best choice for every space. It is more cost-effective to measure each area you wish to cover by what exactly you are seeking to monitor. Of course, you can get in touch with an experienced CCTV Camera Company in Dubai and figure out what are the best options and then make your decision.


Thus, the point is an informed decision is absolutely crucial. You cannot simply get anything and implement them in your business premises.

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